L’iPhone 14 Pro aura droit à une des meilleures fonctionnalités d’Android 12


Apple has introduced a new way of your smartphone to use your smartphone or your camera, taking advantage of a new height device.

Credit: 9to5Mac

Here are new ratings that don’t round off the iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max favorably as the two poinçons in the context of the car’s new design, more than a single pilule comprenant on the front of the camera and the cameras required for Face ID to work.

In fact, Apple makes sure to increase the intent of the pixels between two points to create a contiguous black space ainsi donner l’encoche une forme de grande pilule, plutôt que de garder a poinçon and a small pilule en haut de son écran. This space cannot ultimately be closed and is not suitable for new pensions.

Appel can provide a statement about the confidentiality of the file

A report from 9to5Mac confirms that the zone between the découpes has been secured against Apple’s indications of confidentiality, which has arrived with iOS 14. Be it the microphone or the video cameras used by an application on the device, use the font for smartphones that uses Android to run Android 12. It is possible to release coins for your favorite icons.

If you are not using the camera, please declare a green device in the barre d’état. If you use a meme in front of the microphone, with an orange indication in the direction of use. The problem with the actual conception is that the two indications cannot be used at the same timeI can use the camera and microphone.

Sure, with the iPhone 14 Pro and the new plan, les utilisateurs auront droit aux deux indicatorurs differents à la fois. The app may indicate a list of applications being used or the camera or microphone being used.

And plus the ces indicators, the source indique également qu’Apple can be reused Appareil photo, and deplaçant les functions avancées opposite the haut de l’écran. Whatever you do, nous and saurons can take advantage of the possibilities of new features, it is possible that the conference dédiée aux iPhone 14 aura lieu the semaine prochaine.

Source: 9to5Mac

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