L’iPhone 14 Pro arrivera après l’ouverture des cadeaux de Noël


PENURIE – See the iPhone 14 and 14 Plus available for an imminent livraison, « grâce » à leur manque de succès

Revoyez vos plans if you’re considering putting in an iPhone 14 Pro or Pro Max if the juice is in this année. The chance of Apple getting a new generation of smartphones doesn’t risk a fair batch of gifts plus deals on Noël, report Phonandroid.

The sanitary situation in China is the cause. The names of the regions are limited to the cause of Covid-19 and mid-November, the violent manifestations are survivors of the plus crude use of iPhone manufacturing in Zhengzhou. The ouvriers use the police to give up the lieux, the attacker of Covid-19.

Un retard impossible à rattraper

As a result, the sale price for the iPhone 14 Pro (classique and Pro Max) can take much of the time. Selon Phonandroid, une commande passée fin novembre n’arrivera que le 28 décembre au plus tôt en France, soit trop tard pour l’ouverture descadeaux de Noël.

Certain colors are not available for the January 2023 debut. For more of the situation, Apple can improve the manufacture of these smartphones in their use and in most cases production is delayed.

The lovers of the brand can use their iPhone 14 and 14 Plus. Ces modèles, bien m(…) Lire la suite sur 20minutes

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