L’iPhone 14 Plus est un échec, l’iPhone 15 mini doit revenir


More recent reports about the vents of the iPhone 14 Plus, the phone “grand et bon marché” d’Apple, not for everyone. It is a counting point that the company controls the production of the new model of the game.

It is estimated that Apple lists the number of iPhone ranges from 90 million to 87 million worldwide. Unsurprisingly, the reduction is possible due to a more in-demand opportunity for iPhone 14 and 14 Plus models.

A mauvaish strategy

I don’t know how the iPhone 14 Plus is doing. If all goes well, the positioning rate and the manque de nouveautés par rapport à l’iPhone 13 explode with great chances of the departure. In fact, the iPhone 14 Plus is on sale at the price of the iPhone 13 Pro of a dernier, it is worth informing the user that it works at 120 Hz, the triple capture of photos, etc… .

It seems that Apple’s efforts to send a small mobile to a large mobile “bon marché”, it seems that the staff is making a big choice for the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

iphone 14 plus iphone 14 face apple

The iPhone mini doit faire son retour

With the average ventilation of the iPhone 14 Plus, it seems that Apple is making a mistake and threatening the iPhone mini. Certes, Apple has kept the iPhone 13 mini in the game, it’s likely that it’s not supposed to sort an iPhone 14 mini or an iPhone 15 mini into the world.

Apple can imagine that the iPhone 13 mini vents can hardly be considered the applicant of an iPhone plus large and large cash flows in this game. The iPhone 14 Pro Max is proposed at a price of 1479 euros, while the iPhone 14 Plus is proposed for 1169 euros, soit 300 euros de moins. Chances are that the iPhone is non-pro and success is a success for a single iPhone without a trop-depenser. Make sure that inflation and the euro/dollar conversion are based on the European logic of this logic. About est loin of 809 euros de l’iPhone 13 mini.

Finally, an iPhone 14 Plus is not suitable to choose the different, unlike “minis” who can permanently use an iPhone très compact, based on technology and price range. Big contenders are more likely to get the iPhone 14 Pro Max, for the most likely product.

If you’re confident in the action, fans of the iPhone 13 mini will know that you’ll definitely love the iPhone when you move to the iPhone 6. model suivant, bien plus imposing. Appel is available in a smaller category of individuals with “minis”.

The reason is that Apple is not available for the iPhone 14 mini. Elle a conservé l’iPad mini et le Mac mini dans ses autres gammes de produits, ce qui laisse une place à un téléphone “mini”.

Espérons désormais qu’Apple ajoute l’iPhone 15 mini l’an prochain, voire meme un iPhone 15 Pro Mini qui serait le summum pour les amateurs de small phones.

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