Les USA renouvellent la mise au ban de Huawei et ZTE qui représentent un « risque inacceptable »


The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has renewed the new ban of all new mobile communication equipment and the origin of Chinese companies, not Huawei.

The Biden administration continues the work of the previous administration and resserre ses sanctions against the protection of Huawei, ZTE and Chinese entrepreneurs. Cells can evade the collimator of the various states and the trois of embargo embargoes and various sanctions.

Bannir tout equipment pouvant spionner

The FCC has made a final decision on importing into the US territory all new equipment for Chinese telecom companies. These are Huawei, ZTE, the surveillance brand Dahua Technology, the surveillance brand Hangzhou Hikvision Digital Technology and the telecom company Hytera Communications. These associations are available in blacklisted places.

Among the maintenance pluses, Huawei is absent from the United States smartphone market, a potential son in the global sur ce segment. ©Huawei

Jessica Rosenworcel, president of the FCC, issued a statement in a statement “These new rules cover an important part of the actions that occur on the scene of protecting the American people from the threats to national security, implicit disequilibrium of telecommunications. » When the governorate is in the country, there are Chinese companies spying on the inhabitants of the territory and are the données recueillir sent by their broadcasts, and the government of Xi Jinping is asked. The allegations disputed by Hikvision are a quick response to new measures.

Trois en acharment

There are no companies that do not have new equipment in the US territory. Huawei ended the 2019 sanctions coup and espionage campaign premieres towards the end. This is a premiere of an interdisait of US US use grants from federal grants for Huawei equipment. In 2020, the director of the FBI Christopher Wray accused Huawei of spying on US citizens and military bases, grâce aux nombreux equipment installed sur les antennas de communication du pays.

Undertake one under a certain name of sanctions, menant à ce que l’on connait aujourd’hui. Huawei is not present in the smartphone or tablet market. It is not possible to use 5G and not to use the Android usage right. The brand is a result of the developer with its own operating system HarmonyOS in Chine and déclinée in EMUI, not with version 13 equipped with Mate 50 Pro chains, beyond the borders.

Huawei is the complétement disparaitre of the États-Unis d’ici à l’année prochaine puisque le gouvernement and the FCC devraient debuted the demantèlement operation and the replacement of all Huawei’s devices in the territory.

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