Les temps d’attente pour l’iPhone d’Apple ont doublé après Noël, selon UBS


When it comes time to purchase an Apple iPhone 14 Pro or Pro Max, the approval cuts can double attention times during the four consecutive weeks, bringing a UBS education.

Consequently, investors can’t be kept abreast of the house surprises of the iPhone vents for Apple Inc’s first fiscal quarter.

“[W]There are no iPhone December estimates of 83 million yet that are likely capped and have the potential to weaken,” said UBS analyst David Vogt on a customer comment. “If the question arises, it seems that the facteur of the déclenchement, on the basis of conversations with the investors, nous pensons que le marché se prepare à ce que les unités arrivent à un million of deux en dessous de notre Estimation. ”

Technology AAPL stock,
a 0.9% increase in matin mais changes a 9.4% chuté au cours des trois derniers mois, versus the Nasdaq Composite Index COMP,
a base of 8.8% and the Dow Jones Industrial Average DJIA,
a gagné 3.9%.

Issue a statement from the données of UBS Evidence Lab that the availability of the iPhone in 30 pays to be indicated that the temps can increase during the last week of the month on the marches and include the États-Unis , auto « les verrouillages persistents de COVID en Chine créent des perturbations de l’approvisionnement, notamment dans le haut de gamme. ”

If the time of attention for the iPhone 14 Pro and the Pro Max lasts 38 days, there is a number of hours of more than a week and twice as many hours, but from the données.

Wedbush analyst Dan Ives has stated that the names of the magazines and Apple’s details are available for iPhone 14 inventories in several domains. If 8 million iPhones are sold in the area during the Black Friday weekend, up from 10 million in recent times, that’s one of the most sold cards.

According to Ives’ statement, the iPhone vents for the quarter may not be aware of the demand.

“There are many requests for the iPhone 14 for the main weekend of the Black Friday holidays which will be available soon and could lead to force majeure during Noël’s season,” Ives writes.

Malgré les problèmes d’approvisionnement, Vogt d’UBS a reitéré la note d’achat qu’il avait sur l’action depuis mars 2021, en Ives de Wedbush a maintenu la note of surperformance qu’il avait sur Apple depuis au moins trois ans.

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