les rumeurs autour du futur smartphone d’Apple se multiplient


Apple’s future iPhone 15 will be sorted in Fall 2023. The car colors of the new smartphone can be used both on the web and on the mobile devices. Tour d’horizon des principales rumors.

The port of USB-C in place of the Lightning port on the future iPhone 15

Grosse nouveauté prevue sur l’iPhone 15 : la presence of a port USB-C, instead of the correct connection place: the Lightning port. Apple respects the latest EU rules requiring manufacturers to use USB Type-C ports for smartphones in Europe by 2024.

Choosing the model, you can use different types of transfers. The Pro models are suitable for a port USB-C plus fast (from 1.25 to 2.5 Go/s), in addition to the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Ultra supported by Lightning, up to 60 Mo/s.

Autre bonne nouvelle: Dynamic Island works on all iPhone 15 models ! Apple launched Dynamic Island for the models of the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max, a new feature of high importance, facilitates access to information without going through the navigation on the iPhone (music, music, etc.). This feature is not available on the iPhone 15.

A new appareil capturer photo for l’iPhone 15

Apple’s iPhone 15 generation will be equipped with most of Sony’s photo-capturing cameras based on the technology. Fortunately, the prochains iPhone 15 devraient bénéficier d’améliorations importantes au level des photos en basse lumièreet seront également allows the mieux gérer the sous exposition and the certain exposition.

Autre nouveauté: the iPhone 15 can be equipped with a objective periscope, which has significantly improved the zoom. Apple may add a zoom option of 5x or up to 10x, and 3x against the iPhone 14 Pro models. At the moment we can ignore the different models of the game or use the iPhone 15 Pro in favor.

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