les nouvelles caméras pourraient corriger le plus gros défaut des smartphones en photo


Apple’s iPhone 15 generation comes with a new app capturer of photos from Sony and improved performance, more than the biggest flaws of Apple smartphones.

The Nikkei sources contain the detailed information about the batch photos of the mobile generation of smartphones of the Apple range, the iPhone 15. The purchase of appareil d’Apple is equipped with Sony’s most capteur d’imageet ce dernier serait à la pointe de la technology.

Sony’s Semiconductor Solutions division has developed the new image capturer, the manufacturer of his son from Nagasaki and Start by buying a subscription to Apple and other smartphone manufacturers. Fortunately, Apple’s smartphones are available competitor to the Android devices of 2023.

The iPhone 15 turns off in a photo in the lighting conditions

At Nikkei, Sony’s new captors are able to leverage the benefits of photodiodes in a semiconductor architecture that places photodiodes and transistors on the segregated banks.

Cela permettrait pretendument de capturer de meilleurs portraits même en cas de forte lumière en arrière planauto le signal de saturation dance chaque pixel serait double par reporting aux capteurs standard.

Anyway, if you buy iPhone 15, it is important to increase the level of luminous photos, and there are plenty of options to show your photos and collateral. The captain’s dynamic beach is bigger and bigger than the precédentes of the generationsthis is an opportunity for Apple to correct one of these smartphones’ biggest problems.

Plus the dynamic position of the capteur has been increased, moins le smartphone doit recourir à des stuces logicielles pour obtenir un résultat satisfaisant. Il n’est pas rare de constater que the iPhone no longer comes back in the true colors of certain clichés captured from the outside, et notamment la couleur du ciel. If it is certain, it complements the color (blank), forcing the logic of the voir fortement correcter the cliché.

Apple is likely using new Sony captors to use the iPhone 15’s main camera. op ne sait pas si l’ensemble de la gamme d’iPhone 15 recevra ces capteurs ou si la mise à level sera exclusive à la series haut de gamme iPhone 15 Pro. D’ailleurs, on rappelle que ce dernier sera le premier smartphone d’Apple uses a capteur periscope.

Source: Nikkei

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