Les meilleures manettes de jeu pour smartphone Android et iPhone


When you consider that smartphones (Android or iOS) might be performing, they have a panoply of possibilities for video developers. The problem is that it is difficult to play with your triples AAA via tactile du téléphone, It’s for cela that the gaming manettes have more capabilities than they need to be mobilee. Now, in this article, about different ways of gaming for Android and iOS smartphones in the year 2022.

The manette Xbox Series X/S: the favorite of the fans of the console Xbox

With Sony innovation with the DualSense manette on the PlayStation 5, Microsoft quantitative, a preference for continuity and an option for designs and functions of the memes (on the manettes Xbox One) on the Xbox series with partial modifications. Follow the central difference between the different Xbox series of the Xbox One. toutefois, It is not possible to offer a désavantage of the ergonomics of the manette and the sensation that a part of your life brings.

The plus impression of the Xbox series manette is that it is possible to use a gamepad on an Android or iOS smartphone. If you’re on the Xbox console, you can make the most of an experience of yours to master the command die fait faut à la plupart des manettes pour mobile. The Xbox series manette grips offer great sensation to the touch, as well as easy execution of a party’s combos. The use of this manette allows you to maximize the experience of your smartphone Android or iOS, it is the first place for the rating of the meilleurs gamepad for the phone.

La manette luxury gaming for smartphone: Razer Raiju Mobile

Razer is a brand that is not the only one making sure your players in the world know about gaming. In fact, Razer is an information company that specializes in the design of accessories and devices for gaming (Razer Blade, Razer Phone, etc.).

Depuis peu, the company is the most launching of the manette concept for Android smartphone and will be a big name of the public on mobile with Razer Raiju Mobile. The gamepad for mobile devices makes the difference between supporting and maintaining a smartphone, with or without files. It is a luxury gaming manette, the quality of the boutons depends on all the mechanics of the accessories for your professional competition.

Razer has chosen to use the Razer Raiju Mobile gamepad again (via the Razer application) to select the style of your game or the type of video on an Android smartphone. If you adjust the activity of the manette, you can choose to search sensitively.

Vu que c’est one manette gaming de luxe, son prix de lancement is relevant. This is your first time going out with your Razer Raiju Mobile gamepad. If you know that your smartphone cannot be charged with Android functionality, then this is why your two-unit is in the class of smartphone gamepad.

The version 2 of the game manette for smartphone Razer Kishi

The manette Razer Kishi V2 is the upgraded version of the old Razer Kishi V1 and can be very difficult for the manufacturer to combine the old models. In fact, the second version offers a nice price in the main gamepad mobile Razer Kishi V1. Razer’s IT company is a compte les avis venant des utilisateurs and makes it possible to protect one of the protection mechanisms of the connection to the manette.

The manufacturer has made a new version of the first version of the mobile gaming manette and an ergonomic and new version. The Razer Kishi V2’s boutons offer a meilleur return, allowing the manette’s maniabilité to become part of your own Android or iOS smartphone. In part, Razer has two additional options on the Razer Kishi V2 manette, the touchs that can be programmed through the Razer application for the convenience of use.

This new version is popular with the problems encountered on the Razer Kishi premiere of the design and ergonomics.

La manette Nacon MG-X Pro: a gamepad for cloud gaming

Compare other ways of simultaneity, the manette Nacon MG-X Pro connects to a smartphone Android or iOS via Bluetooth or via a USB cable type C. This is more than the only latency that is perceptible part of your video. The gamepad for mobile devices can make you enjoy a video through the cloud gaming Xbox Game Pass.

Nacon MG-X Pro allows players to use a wide range of titles from Xbox on a smartphone, with a similar experience on a mobile console on an Xbox. The inconvenience of the manette is a level of battery autonomy that is not mandatory to use the charger for the optimal operation of the manette.

In other words, the choice of the manette or the operating system of your smartphone (Android or iOS), whatever your budget.

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