Les iPhone deviennent majoritaires aux Etats-Unis pour la première fois


Published on 2 Sept. 2022 to 5:33 PMMis à jour le 2 Sept. 2022 at 5:41 PM

Moment symbolique pour la marque à la pomme. There is a new one for Apple near the presentation of iPhone 14, Mercredi Prochain. The iPhone has launched Android apps in the second quarter of the United States, choosing Counterpoint Research. Désormais, plus the moitié of smartphones used outside the Atlantic province of Apple, of Android smartphones. It is 50% representative of most iPhone apps since 2007.

« Ordinary, the systems of exploitation do not belong to the religions, they are all changes of meaning. More over the last few years, the current a progressive bascule of Android versus iOS [le système d’exploitation d’Apple] » said Jeff Fieldhack, director of Counterpoint Research. If you know you can use “important tape” to reproduce the great world powers.

A great evolution is certain

The chiffres are not computed on a basis asset and compute millions of persons introduced than Apple’s system through the mobile phone market, in fact mobile phones used by iPhone apps and des années can. A category plus major and plus significant que les livraisons de téléphones neufs, qui fluctuent d’un trimester à l’autre.

CCS Insight analyst Ben Wood explains the market for the second world smartphone manufacturer (the number of a Samsung) for a progressive evolution. « Nous n’assistons pas especially for a large année or Apple augmente sa part de marché de 10 or 15 %. More than a spring burn of the brand that inevitably leaves some of the parts », this.

“L’écosystème Apple” may have several competitors

The iPhone is one of the most banal objects of these years, and fewer innovations on the hardware are greater than ever. As mentioned earlier, Apple may not be able to access the services, containing app apps and other content. There are no other ways yet that the iPhone contributes to Apple against most boursiers, with a capitalization purse of $2.5 billion.

“Tim Cook has called Steve Jobs a donné and built an empire according to cela,” said Ben Wood. If you know you can buy an iPhone, chances are Apple uses the apps, pays for iCloud, uses Apple Music, or transacts on Apple Pay. This is a model suitable for reproduction. »

Comment how effective it is to make changes?

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