Les iPhone 15 seraient les premiers iPhone à passer à l’USB-C


With the new European legislation, Apple has the option to adopt USB-C on its smartphones before the end of 2024. The migration is made possible to do this. One of the possibilities is that the iPhone 15 has integrated a USB-C port.

Provides a premium iPhone compatible USB-C © Kenny Pillonel

All new smartphones commercialized by the European Union that received a USB-C port on December 28, 2024. The exception to this is that USB-C is not required to exclude the device via charging without fil. An iPhone without a filter in Apple’s cardboard boxes, the pomme va devoir se tang à cette nouvelle legislation.

The constructor of donc leaves the port Lightning au profit du standard déjà adopté depuis belle lurette par ses rivaux. At LeaksApplePro, the Cupertino firm plans to migrate ahead of the date limit. About the leaker’s information, Apple has adopted the USB-C and got new devices that don’t have the iPhone 15. Bloomberg recalled in his memory that the USB-C invitation appeared on the product range Apple from 2023, accessories and incl.

This is the iPhone 15 that is Dynamic Island ready

Unfortunately, it cannot be confirmed that Dynamic Island is available on all models of the iPhone 15. As you know, the dynamic version is present on the iPhone 14 Pro. Note that a logical refresh of the offer with the iPhone 15 Ultra is the sign that the photo module is better than the iPhone 15 Pro.

With the logic, LeaksApplePro is one of the most interesting information about iOS 17, the future system of exploitation currently sorted on iPhone 15. There’s no harm in using some important graphics.

It seems that Apple has a good working in a stable version, exempt from dysfunctions. There are no luxury quand about the bugs that are over iOS 16.

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