Les iPhone 14 Pro risquent d’être plus chers, mais embarqueront probablement plus de stockage


The rest of the time it will take a few weeks for Apple to run out of how to use the iPhone 14. The last time the highly respected analyst Ming-Chi Kuo qui, in a series of tweetsa list of interesting information about the future price of the iPhone 14 and 14 Pro.

100 € plus for iPhone 14 Pro ?

Announcing the results of the quarterly Foxconn (the brand of the American manufacturer of the iPhone), Ming-Chi Kuo explained how the company’s jolie croissance affair is part of the price of the money of the iPhone 14 It is sure the iPhone 13 is known. Specifically, it means the iPhone 14 has a higher chance of constructing most users and users are likely to sell. If you are the analyst, you can buy an iPhone that is worth 15% more than the previous generations. Cela équivaudrait à environment 100 € de différences.

This doesn’t mean you can use the iPhone 14 price increase. The recent sources confirm that the iPhone 14 and 14 Max have been approved for the price of the iPhone 13. For Ming-Chi Kuo, this magnification is concentrated and probably on the Pro models, for smaller amounts of extra serait plus increased que d’habitude. There is a forecast that you can expect if you adapt to the most advanced models that can focus on the latest developments.

256 Go the base ?

It is possible that the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max are embarrassing, par défaut, plus the stockage that iPhone 13 has over time. In June, the TrendForce analysts support the models with more than the largest supply for embarquer 256 Go to the stock to a minimum. Cela offrirait un généreux espace pour stocker photos, musique et autres applications, tout en justifiant — du moins en partie — la hausse de prix. This is probably why the mode is always on, a new mobile device or the new Face ID module.

For that matter, the iPhone is not worth more than other devices. If you need knowledge to douloureuse grimpera together, il faudra encores patient jusqu’au debut du mois de septembre.

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