Les Galaxy Z Fold et Z Flip 4 de Samsung pourraient avoir plus de compétition dans les mois à venir


Article has appeared on November 23, 2022 with new rumors about the opponent smartphone and about Google’s first aid.

If the rumors are doing the rounds, 2023 was announced a year ago for mobile phones. Samsung and Motorola offer new models and support from Google, Apple and TCL.

Now, Samsung has made a new version of a Galaxy Z Fold 4 and a Galaxy Z Flip 4. Motorola got a new edition of Razr in October.

In the IDC figures, smartphone usage increased by 264.3% in the 2020 report in 2020. A relatively large percentage of the 7.1 million mobile phones replaced by 2021 will be 362.4 million mobile phones mobile phones which are unique in the quatrième trimester of the année dernière.

Devices that are part of a lot in the history of the mobile phone industry. App expeditions are up 264.3% in 2021 according to 2020 report selected by International Data Corporation. More than IDC estimates there will be 7.1 million mobile phones operated in 2021, up from 362.4 million mobile phones operated in the past quarter.

A new smartphone that is suitable for Samsung?

Flex S tablet

Samsung Display a renewed plusieurs concepts pliants au CES 2022, don’t la tablette Flex S present ici. Samsung

The Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Z Flip 4 that have been launched and perhaps Samsung are a déjà refléchi à la suite. Learn more about the technology and present plus new concepts from CES 2022 in Janvier. More Samsung has no indication of a new kind of foldable for the time being.

TM Roh, President & Head of MX Business, issued a statement from a precedent CNET interview that pliants concepts and autres sont des candidats potentials pour la conception de future phones.

There are rumors that Samsung has prepared a suitable phone type. As a tweet that seems to be best, Ice Universe has previously announced that Samsung launched a mobile phone type that was flexible. Ross Young intervenes pour dire qu’un téléphone coulissant de Samsung était prevu pour être product in 2022 mais qu’il avait été repoussé.

Oppo Find N Flip

Oppo Find N opened

L’Oppo Find N (photo ci-dessus) can be accompanied by a mobile phone twice. Eli Blumenthal/CNET

When preparing Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip, it is best to use the mobile phone to open Omdia’s cabinets.

Citant le blogger Yogesh Brar, Pricebaba reports that two new phones are being launched that are used automatically. The devices that have a mobile phone similar to the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 and the Huawei P50 Pocket have a second suite of Oppo Find N. The two new phones are likely to work with the processor Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1 or the third generation 8 Gen 2 from Qualcomm, more rumors rarely.

Pour le moment le Find N n’est available qu’en Chine. Néanmoins, Against a déjà déposé a trademark for the term Find N Flip auprès de l’Office de l’Union Europeenne pour la propriété intellectuelle, comme l’a remarqué Pricebaba. Cela pourrait suggerer que le téléphone à clapet d’Oppo pourrait arriver sur les marchés européens également.

There are many refinements of conception that have an advantage over Samsung’s ligne Z Fold, with a large number of couverture plus a regular phone and discernible movement. Samsung has certain features of the Galaxy Z Fold 4 launched more than enough excitement from your questions improvements Oppo pourrait apporter au pliant de style flip aussi.

Ross Young, co-founder and PDG of Display Supply Chain Consultants, wrote that Find N Flip’s arrival marks Samsung’s adversary and major competitor in the mobile phone realm. “Cela pourrait sureement générer beaucoup de volume et prendre des parts aux dépens de Huawei et Samsung”a statement from Young on CNET in an earlier interview.

Google Pixel Fold (or Pixel Notepad)

An image is available that Google needs for a mobile phone. Google

Google is the prochaine grande enterprise technologique entrer sur le marché des smartphone pliants. Selon 9to5Googlethe big California plan on a Pixel pliant that has some form of search or Find N d’Oppo and a price inferior to the Galaxy Z Fold 3. The site confirmed that the phone for Pixel NotePad, and previously son appareil photo serait moins performant que celui du Pixel 6.

Google has not yet embarked on a successful smartphone project, notes the following keynote Google I/O of its first dévoilés and avant-première les prochains Pixel 7 and 7 Pro, Pixel Buds Pro and the Montre Pixel Watch avant d’être présentés plus and detail quelques mois plus tard. Si Google works a tel product dan ses boxes, on ignore quand il sera lance. Le site d’information coréen The Electric a revelation that Google announced for the announcement of the app in the quatrième quarter of 2022, mais aurait finalment décidé or retarder le lancement. Ross Young’s blog has explained more on Twitter and got a presentation in the first quarter of 2023, more than ever it is possible that this year’s OLED flexible OLED flexible version will be available.

A smartphone compatible with TCL

TCL mobile phone concept. Lisa Eadicicco/CNET

TCL stopped launching a smartphone device in 2021, but it is no longer possible to do so. Early this year, the phone manufacturer released two new phones with the ability to make and fold calls. TCL n’a pas fixé de calendrier pour un lancement commercial, mais a declaré à nos confrères de CNET.com you can expect a price of 700 dollars.

An iPhone foldable

A fictional concept designed to resemble an iPhone that fits. Concept iPhone

Apple is one of the rarest smartphone makers to have some kind of smartphone flexible sorting, and it’s not certain if it’s a day. There are more iPhone rumors about a smooth round of the années. If Apple is working on a smooth iPhone, there’s probably no chance of this happening. C’est ce que pense Bloomberg choose an iPhone that fits the commercialization of two or three years. Foresight confirmed by 9to5Mac qui croit savoir que le lancement aurait été repoussé à 2025.

Attendre quelques années pour lancer son premier pliant pourrait ne pas être un mauvaise idée. At IDC, mobile phones will represent 1.8% of the global smartphone market in 2025, up from 0.5% in 2021. the gamme des téléphones Android.

Article from CNET.com adapted by CNETFrance

Image: Sarah Tew/CNET

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