Les États-Unis bloquent à nouveau Huawei et ZTE


As the protection of the « national security service », the Federal Commission for American Communications vients the voter à l’unanimité pour interdire tout nouveau produit de plusieurs enterprise chinoises. The first concerns about Huawei and ZTE, déjà visées par de precédentes measures.

In 2019, the Trump administration used Huawei and ZTE on the blacklist, obliges Google, IntelIntel et Qualcomm à mettre fin à leurs commerciales avec ces deux entreprises. Huawei is the latest generation of smartphones AndroidAndroid without Google services and a developer with its own mobile operating system, HarmonyOS.

On November 25, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) approved all loins and an interdit new equipment authorization for Chinese companies. Cette decision a été justified eu égard à des « national security considerations ».

« The FCC is responsible for the non-secure national protection of the veil not to authorize the use of non-fiable means of communication at the border crossings, and now for job seekers » said Jessica Rosenworcel, president of the FCC. Cette decision of the FCC vise of nouveau Huawei and ZTE. They have been named Hytera, Hikvision and Dahua, the builders of video surveillance equipment, over time « the material has not been used for public safety, the security of government installations and national security services ».

If you’re concerned about the new gear, you have to decide. The Chinese companies are quoted to proceed with the authorizations of the equipment in America. The FCC has not given permission to obtain regulatory approvals, and it has the potential to ban Huawei and ZTE’s products in the world.

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