Les clés de sécurité arrivent sur iPhone mais il en faut au moins 2


The protections cannot be placed on a gadget. If the benefits are nombreux, the consequences may be dramatic.

Sorting iOS 16.3 by Apple has allowed new features on iPhone, iPad and Mac. Parmi elles, the price of the security keys. Très attendue, cette option doit permettre de franchir une tape de plus dans la sécurité des données des utilisateurs. Most of the configuration of the clés, les premiers testeurs believe that they demand two clés de sécurité différentes.

Deux clés minimal

In fact, there is a request for more logic. The Cupertino company assures you that you have a good physique, the use of a solution with a double clé. If Google’s advanced security program asks for different users of different protections.

If the help document is published by Apple, there may be 6 different differences between the base of the données. This solution depends on the limits. The marque explique between different levels that cannot be used for the comptes children or the identification levels.

It is impossible to use security for your connection to iCloud through a Windows device. This limited technique can be adapted to the size of the time available. Concerned about clés en elles-même, Apple is asking for certifiées FIDO.

Des clés FIDO obligatory

This standard of safety is a real municipality that has a certain genre of clothing and a large number of products have a tell certification. If the user does not run into problems, Apple advises in its document of help. La clé la plus popular, mais also celle qui est conseillée par Apple, est ainsi la YubiKey 5C NFC. With a USB-C port, the security of Macs and iPhones is possible with an NFC connection system.

For an iPhone user, the YubiKey 5Ci is a great device. With a two-branch concept, this is an opportunity to work with USB-C as Lightning. For Macs that have a USB-A port, Apple recommends users use the genuine ePass K9 NFC USB-A.

Apple is sure that safe use is good protection if the données are more demanding of the utilitarians who are very careful with small physique. If you put your car in the place of your protection, the risk of the final façon is high.

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