Les autorités brésiliennes saisissent des iPhone vendus sans adaptateurs secteur


The autorités brésiliennes have the pressure of a cran alors qu’Apple refusing to use an adapter secteur with their iPhone. The federal controller in charge of the protection of consumers, the Procon-DF, says « des centaines d’iPhone in several magazines in Brazil », the country’s capital, report the site Technoblog.

Brésil’s iPhone seller is viable without a sectarian adapter, while most of the parts are in the world.

La saisie, qui s’est aussi déroulée chez des revendeurs agréés, a été baptisée «Opération Discharge». The branch of Apple has applied to the government to give the smartphone openings, so that the final decision of the iPhone, and the malgré operation of the iPhone, continue to sell the country.

L’affaire is plus compliquée qu’il n’y parait. The regulator is an effet en porte-à-faux vis-à-vis de la justice: the juge qui a autorisé Apple continues to use the seller of the iPhone to treat the file in such a way on the basis of justice, estimates that the manufacturer is not concerned with the rights of consumers. La Procon-DF has a manifestation of the contrary and the threat of interdire l’appareil de la vente.

Brésil can force Apple to charge an iPhone

Brésil can force Apple to charge an iPhone

Apple has confidence in the British justice system, and more customers are joining with more options for chargers and connections for the iPhone. Néanmoins, come down 9to5Macthis is one of the limits: the country’s 3rd generation Apple TV 4K includes a USB-C cable for charging the new Siri command, unlike the rest of the world with four cables.

If there isn’t an adapter to talk to, the fact is that a cable is undoubtedly Apple’s sign to ease up with the regulator. The constructor has a multimillion-dollar déjà payé in its history, and the previous sanctions apply.

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