Le prix de l’iPhone 12 mini n’est jamais tombé aussi bas qu’aujourd’hui


The iPhone 12 mini is a compact smartphone that is suitable for the iPhone SE 5G, more than two premium versions. If you are between two children, you can choose whether you have a good choice. Cdiscount proposes an old small smartphone with a large amount of Apple up to 500 euros grâce à a promo code.

Apple iPhone 12 Mini // Source: Frandroid / Arnaud Gelineau

At that time, if you are looking for a small smartphone format, you can buy the recent iPhone SE 5G. It is possible that the actual premium smartphones of the Pomme with the A15 Bionic, more than most arguments of the iPhone 12 mini, are the most likely to receive a discount of 190 euros on an official price for a good reason.

The strengths of the iPhone 12 mini

  • L’écran OLED screen 5.4 bags
  • The double appareil photo très convaincant
  • The puissance of the puce A14 is a contemporary encore
  • The autonomy of a trip and the compatibility with MagSafe

Lancé at 809 euros and maintenance sale at 689 euros on Apple’s site, the iPhone 12 mini (RED, with 64 Go de stockage) is aujourd’hui registered promotion à seulement 499 euros on Cdiscount and use the promo code « APPLE80CDAV ». Cette offre est uniquement available pour les membres Cdiscount à Volonté.

On trouve également l’iPhone 12 classique à 599 euros avec le code promo « APPLE100CDAV », an offer from one of our members offers Cdiscount à Volonté.

So, in the suite, the offer of this article is more than available, you can buy a coup d’œil cidessous afin the nicher d’autres promotions concerning the iPhone 12 mini. Le tableau se with à jour automation.

Our back L’

Apple iPhone 12 mini refurbished or meilleur prix?

A compact smartphone for the iPhone SE 5G

The iPhone 12 mini is a smartphone plus a compact game. It’s the world’s only OLED shield Ceramic shield poster has a definition Full HD+ of 2 340 x 1 080 pixels and remains a small diagonal angle of 5.4 pixels. It is not possible to determine the size of the plus comfort for your main dishes, or the pouce pourra to pay without forcing. Il rentrera aussi sans souci dans one poche de pantalon.

The iPhone 13 mini represents the way I gabarit, preuve que cela braid aux utilisateurs et utilisatrices d’Apple. It is certain that it is not parfait and that it is certain that a taux de rafraichissement supérieur à 60 Hz pour l’écran is aimed. It is possible that there is a larger size and larger size available for the iPhone SE 5G with a small 4.7 inch large screen LCD and a low phone connection.

Moinssant que le SE 5G, mais meilleur en photo

The main argument of the 2022 SE model is that the iPhone 13 A15 Bionic has been compromised by the presenter of the performances that are very high in a little bit of gabarit. Behold, the 12 mini with A14 Bionic compatible compatible with the ultra-fast mobile ultra-fast rest encore of a large power for a good experience of using iOS 15 fluid parfaitments for most guys 3D in excellent graphics conditions. Même l’autonomie is plus result with 15 hours of video of the lecture and 50 hours of audio of the lecture, without brand, without compatibility with the payload without file via MagSafe.

When it comes to photos, the iPhone 12 mini bests the classic iPhone 12 with a 12-megapixel dual photo, both wide-angle and ultra-wide angle. If the x3 telephoto isn’t the LiDAR capturer given the 2020 Pro models, the result is a bluff and a nice plus qualitatively unique object from the iPhone SE 5G.

If you know more, you can not test whether you have completed the iPhone 12 mini.

9 /10

Apple iPhone 12mini

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