Le moyen le plus rapide pour allumer la lampe torche de l’iPhone


iOS makes it possible to delete the actions of the way very easily, without me having to turn around.

La lampe torche de mon iPhone If you rarely use rarity, it’s a feature you don’t need to spend the day, so you can fill the room with a nice environment at night, illuminator jardin lorsque mes animal font des bruits étranges et pour retrouver quelque chose sous le canapé, évidemment. And for me, simplifying my life with a flashlight, I configure a small exercise of more practical matters.

iOS allows to delete the actions of mannere very easily

The Back Tap feature (“Toucher le dos de l’appareil”) is an introductory feature of accessibility for Apple in iOS 14. Elle allows for quick and quick actions, to capture or to device to use photo, simple and tappotant l’arrière du téléphone. On your resume you can use a transformer to purchase the iPhone in a jiffy.

It is interesting to offer a bag de gens, and in that case, Toucher le dos de l’appareil me permet d’avoir un bouton personalisé pour activar or deactiver rapidement la lampe torche. Comment Configure your choice on your smartphone. If you are sure you want, you will benefit from any action.

If you want the “touch the device” with your flashlight, your clothing photo or for an app application, the march to your reste identique. On an iPhone compatible (iPhone 8 or later), you can view the app rules and all capabilities through Accessibility > Tactile > Touch the devices. Là, vous pouvez définir l’action associée (dans notre cas, la lampe torche) en choisir s’il faut tapoter deux ou trois fois. With two, more than easy, there’s a better chance you’ll be able to use your phone.

sans même devoir reveiller l’écran

When you make a choice, choose the option Lampe torche – or your action volue -. Vous verz plus the 30 suggested options for iOS. You can configure yourself whether you want to use a lancer that you can use to pay or create.

You can choose to take your pick from a small coche-bleue apparaître à droite de l’action. If you use your phone twice, you can use a double tapotement, or a triple tapotement on the iPhone app.

One of the ways you left the app is that you can write the function “Toucher le dos de l’appareil” and open your iPhone to wake up your device and trigger action. In this case, the allumage of the torch lamp. If you do this tapoter encore the arrival of your iPhone, you can pouvez or passer par l’écran de verrouillage si c’est plus simple.

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