Le Mate X3 de Huawei pourrait être un retour à la forme et pour


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(Pocket-lint) – Huawei’s mobile phone offer for an appareil, offrant un écran internet et plus – et il pourrait arriver bientôt, aussi.

The recent phone foldable for Huawei with Mate Xs 2 has an external feature that knows the internal configuration. If you don’t look interesting, it is sure that you are curious about the knowledge you have. Huawei’s foldable app has reviewed the Mate X2 model and a new rumor confirms that it’s arriving and that it’s sooner.

Wangzai Knows Everything’s compte Weibo confirms that the device is similar to the Galaxy Z Fold 4, and that means the device from the inside – no doubt a plus small exterior, aussi . The plus, the meme that announced that the tablet was the maintenance of the stage of mass production, ce qui signifie qu’elle is prototypée et prête pour la production.


Finally, the moment the prototype actually gets close to the Huawei departments, you can be sure that it is an official announcement that will not be made until later.

For the inside, on this exclusive version 4G du Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 from Qualcomm used. If you want to use the connectivity of 5G, you can always be so beautiful and fast.

Knowing that the Hauwei Mate X3 has been given the chance to buy, you can demand even more than that combine the temps cela pourrait être. The time when the oreilles are guarded and the croiser les doigts si vous êtes un fan des téléphones pliable.

Written by Oliver Haslam.

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