Le Galaxy S23 pourrait proposer les appels par satellite, comme l’iPhone 14 et le Huawei Mate 50


In a publication on Twitter from Ice Universe, Samsung has revealed a satellite communication functionality offered by the Galaxy S23 for the debut of the announcement.

Credit: Samsung

Leaker Ice Universe has posted a new document on Twitter that seems similar to Samsung and the intent of the class submitter communication via satellite in the presence of the Galaxy S23, son prochain flagship. The large core of the electronic connection between collaboration with Iridium, a company that operates a constellation of 66 satellites in orbit for the satellite telephone. On the other side of GlobalStar, Apple’s partner, ce fournisseur d’accès proposes a couverture presque total du globe.

Samsung is just the premiere of a company that offers internet communications and voice by satellite. The company Apple and its iPhone 14 companies have made has some Huawei apps and Mate 50 and Mate 50 Pro. The document component of Ice Universe, the communication of satellites with Samsung smartphones is a two-year preparation. Cette technology imposes des contraintes très spécifiques. The extra great difficulty for the manufacturer fut de come up with a small antenna for your smartphone.

Samsung proposes communication via satellite and weather together with Huawei and Apple

In addition to sending SMS texts by satellite, the Samsung Galaxy S23 can use the connection type for use envoyer des images pas trop lourdes. The iPhone 14 and the Mate 50, by comparison, cannot use the connectivity satellite that can transmit the user’s messages. If there are certain experts, proponents of the urgency of a satellite who have a dangerous idea, they can no longer work as a tool, and they can get all dirty.

The Samsung Galaxy S23 is probably a smartphone with more presence. Même si l’information n’est pas encore officielle, il semble acté que tous les modèles du smartphone haut de gamme de Samsung has a new Snapdragon 8 Gen 2. Cela fera le bonheur des acheteurs européens, qui jusqu’à maintenant n’avaient pas droit au processeur de Qualcomm. And plus the appearances of some, ce dernier devrait offrir une autonomy phénoménale au Galaxy S23.

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