Le Galaxy S23 pourrait être plus performant que l’iPhone 14 !


la series Galaxy S23 pourrait laisser derrière elle l’iPhone 14 and terms of performances. This is a new report that covers the future family of smartphones of Samsung’s latest generation.

La Firme Sud-Coréenne travaille sur son prochain produit phare: le Galaxy S23. In its logic, we introduced several new and better performance of the Galaxy S22. It is clear that the Galaxy S23 led by a confluence with the iPhone 14. Justement, un nouveau rapport appearing les deux familys of téléphones vient d’émerger. For rappelling, the Galaxy S23 is powered by a version overlocked by Snapdragon 8 Gen 2. Power is the exploration power that Android smartphone manufacturers are not considered as interns in rapport with Apple a logic for optimizing our products. Un retard qui semble avoir un impact sur les performances.

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With the Galaxy S23, the donne pourrait changer.

Jusqu’à 85% plus performant?

Samsung’s improved improvements on the Galaxy S23 devraient permettre à ces appareils the superlative of the iPhone 14 and terms de performances et d’efficacité. The quality of the user experience can be used. This hypothesis is a guarantee of the test results of the premiers who test the performance of the unprecedented exploits in Android University.

Compare the Exynos 2200 with the Galaxy S22, the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 saver 25% plus efficiency and monocoeur and 45% plus puissant and multicoeur. If you know it’s more interesting is the fact that you have a previous reporting, the Galaxy S23 has an environment of 60 to 85% plus performance. Whether you’re a contributor, it’s more or less you’re progressing with the iPhone 14 simultaneously using the waistline of the Android universe.

A high-performance camera?

In fact, ces versions resemble the hauteur de celles de l’Apple A16 qui équipe la 14e iteration of iPhone. As a companion plus the updates of your choice, you can see that the Galaxy S23 Ultra has an advantage capturer photo dorsal principal of 200 MP. It is a componant who is euthanized by two authors of 50 MP and 12 MP chacun. With a certain configuration, the terminal is a reference in the mobile photography university.

For everyone, the Galaxy S23 Ultra can be an ultra-light holder. Selon les dernières fuites, the light of the celui-ci atteindrait lesson 2200 nits. Certain sources point to the integration of a lecteur d’empreintes Digitales plus grand sous la dalle.

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