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(Pocket-lint) – In the milieu of rumors of Apple abandoning the iPhone 15 Pro’s physique, a report has emerged on the feu grâce aux commentaries from Viernisseurs.

Rumors of an iPhone 15 Pro à étage solid over the surface of the October premiere, the analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has exposed the suppression of the volume and power mechanisms of Apple mobile iPhones. Aujourd’hui, the PDG of a société responsible for the realization of the ce project and perhaps the meche.

Le PDG de Cirrus Logic, John Forsyth, has made a statement on a telephone conference on the results of an enterprise work on a new componant for the “second moitié de l’année prochaine”. It is a confirmed acknowledgment of a previous letter of action books that made a componant with the vibrations of Taptic Engine d’Apple. According to this view, Barclays analysts Blayne Curtis and Tom O’Malley estimate that the iPhone 15 Pro without Apple bolts is more than Jamaica.


And researching the uses, the plus major modification of the new iPhone models that may be the suppression of boutons necessitating the pilots that are supplémentaires for their motor haptics, and that’s the case. use it plus probable for the new content,” the two analysts said via an investor note vue par MacRumors.

The only véritable raison of passer à des boutons de volume et d’alimentation à semi-conductors serait de rendre le mode iPhone 15 Pro résistant à l’eau par rapport aux anciens modèles. The suppression of the physique allows the iPhone to go from a way impossible to make it real, to facilitate the infiltration of the water.

If Apple opts for new standard models, more and more attention will be paid to the new iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro models in September 2023.

Written by Oliver Haslam.

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