L’assurance affinitaire : pour couvrir vraiment tous les soucis de nos iPhone


Apple’s iPhone is one of the most popular smartphones, with the iPhone 14 Pro Max, it is a great advantage of Apple’s latest game. The entrance ticket is 1 479€ and can only be worth 2 129€ while you decide to pay the maximum supply, à savoir 1 To. If you protect your smartphone from the risks of others, you can ensure that you are obliged to pay the tariff. The premiere etape la plus commune est l’achat d’une coque de protection. It may be that the protection of the phone in case of parachute or autre.

In any case, the protection device is perhaps the miracle solution for the iPhone (and the smartphones and Android d’ailleurs). Il ya toujours un risque. If you want this, it’s likely you’ll get a warranty, with a service you can pay to raise the level of the iPhone to ten years plus a long time possible. Cela doit includes the couverture of the casse de l’écran, les pannes, le vol, l’oxidation, la perte et plus encore. Une telle assurance exist-elle ? The response is oui, it is a question about a certain affinity assurance.

Place à l’assurance affinitaire

Une assurance affinitaire, qu’est-ce que c’est ? It is a security that is a policyholder of a group of objects or clothing of a particular category. If you attend, please provide electronic products and iPhone. As an example of Goodz, an assured affinity on Parachut.com. You can rest assured that you can buy multimedia devices and iPhones. If there are questions about all the models for Apple’s phones, it’s a good point. La Police d’Assurance Goodz promet d’assurer contre la casse accidentelle de l’écran et le dos de l’appareil (with price and charge du téléphone par un professionnel), la panne du téléphone or l’un des composants (haut- parleurs or micro function plus), oxidation (en cas de chute dans de l’eau), le vol or encore la perte (qui se traduira par un replacement avec un iPhone de gamme identique). This is the certainty that this possibility of profit as far as the phone is concerned n’est plus sous warranty.

Rest assured, whether you have the price of the iPhone, you can have a certain affinity that is really interesting. If the moment of pennies loses more euros, the limit of 2000 euros is over, then an iPhone for an ensuite assistant in a catastrophe and you will see that the phone is in a payphone, whatever you chose volé or autre. Surtout €9.99/mois et sans engagement, il serait dommage de passer à côté. There is a certain security you can use to make the pépin and the faudrait no longer privileged.


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