L’appareil photo de l’iPhone 15 devrait améliorer la qualité des photos avec moins de surexposition


The iPhone 14 d’Apple has been superseded twice on the market, alors naturellement, new rumors of the iPhone 15 de l’année prochaine. Most of the detailed descriptions comment on how photo apps take photos while improving the photographer’s performances.

Aucune mise à jour the iPhone is not complete without an improvement in the camera system, and the iPhone 15 is no exception. Selon Nikkei AsiaApple uses Sony’s new technology to create a meilleure photo with the iPhone 15.

The report confirmed that Sony’s latest technology “dual approach of the signal saturation signal and the pixel chaque” for a dynamic place plus the height of the systems of the existing iPhone cameras.

As a result, most photos are oversaturated or saturated and there is a uniform difference between the brightness of the first plan and the arrival plan.

Sony’s new image capturer doubles the level of the saturation signal in a pixel report with conventional capturers. In most cases, the captors can capture the camera plus the clarity and certainty of a certain exposition or a sous-exposition in certain parameters, allowing a smartphone photographer’s photo of a clairvoyant to be viewed as the sujet se ten against a fortress against you.

The report is clear that Sony’s latest technology uses a “new semiconductor architecture that places photodiodes and transistors in the separated layers of the substrate, permantant au capteur or photodiodes à la couche dédiée”.

The iPhone 15 Pro always has an important level of auto range photos. Apple presents a first-class object as a periscope suitable for four and zoom optics with a mirror system at 90 degrees.

They are iPhone 15 models that are Lightning and USB-C capable, and those that enable Thunderbolt transfer can quickly replace photo and video volumes.

This new iPhone 15 mode is likely to have a dynamic introduction on iPhone 14. This new iPhone 14 has multiple models that are likely to use new promotional and always-on ads.

In addition, on a launch with a potential iPhone 15 Ultra with a titan and a face that comes at an additional cost.

Tenez-vous au courant des dernières rumors about the iPhone 15 ici. The certain exhibition and the sub-exposition sont-elles pour vous un problème sur les appareils photo iPhone actuels ? Faites-le nous savoir ci-dessous.

Découvrez cette vidéo ci-dessous (en anglais) pour plus d’actualités Apple :

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