La possibilité d’un iPhone 15 Pro sans aucun bouton physique se précise


Apple simplifies the design of its iPhone. The iPhone 15 Pro, which only came out in September 2023, has a volume physique feature feature that means the bouton On/Off, over time MacRumors.

An improved Taptic Engine

The special information site on Apple’s current affairs has a common concordance of indices that has been recently rumored by analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of late. If a letter is addressed to these activists, the company Cirrus Logic is an indiqué qu’elle “travaille avec un client stratégique [pour] mettre sur le marché un nouveau composant HPMS dans les smartphones l’année prochaine”. The HPMS of the same name stands for High-Performance Mixed-Signal Chips and corresponds, entre autres, to an embarquée of the iPhone’s Taptic Engine.

When you enter the second moitié of the année prochaine, après declarations du PDG de l’entreprise. A period corresponding to the sale of iPhone purchases. A cabinet note that Barclays analyzed estimated it was composed four years ago “des pilotes supplémentaires pour le motor haptique”ce qui permettrait sans doute au mobile d’émuler le fonctionnement de boutons physiques.

Appel, specialist in counterfeit boutons

The first time the apple premieres is a tel défi. The MacBook as of 2015 uses the Taptic Engine to use the click simulator on the tactile surface. The Apple Watch uses the highest quality vibration possible. Même l’iPhone SE uses a “faux” button centrally from 2020. Passer integration of the faux boutons on an iPhone model is a first for Apple, mais permettrait d’inventor new uses, and plus the display of the telephone plus facility étanche.

There are multiple options for iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max for the different phone ranges.

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