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Presented at a juin der kidney on the occasion of the WWDC, the annual conference of Apple developers, the mise à jour iOS 16 is proposed for broadcast to the general public on September 12. Apple has announced information about the keynote presentation of the iPhone 14 merchandise.

iPhone users can use the interface’s new messages, dynamic notifications, editable messages and new personalization options of the mobile version.

If the années passant, the old models cannot benefit from the mise à jour. The phone proposes aux iPhone 8 and aux modèles ultérieurs. The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus delight in the different models that Apple can use.

About your presentation, the evolutions of your experience with the iPhone can be improved in the course of the current sales chains.

L’écran verrouillé devient customizable

The most important change concerns the refonte de l’écran verrouillé. Apple has the ability to get personal and open profondeur in the interface of the iPhone. The users of the iPhone cannot be maintained to access the multitude of personalization options with different filters, company funds, policies, colors and widgets that are parameterizable.

There is an example of an integrated widget that supports the progress of a VTC reservation, a mini-musical or a selection of old photos from the iPhone’s album. Plusieurs écrans verrouillés personalisés pourront être inregistrés pour passer facilement de l’un à l’autre.

Lesson notifications dynamics

Outside iPhone user personalization option, another new way to change iPhone users report in idle smartphone. Apple has announced that iOS 16 is available, but it is possible des notifications interactive sur la partie inférieure de l’écran verrouillé, lesson “Lives activities”.

Contrairement of alertes classiques, affichées en haut de l’écran, celles-ci seront dynamiques et pourront afficher par exemple le temps d’attente estimé d’une livraison or nourriture of the l’arrivée d’un taxi driver.

Dynamic notifications arriving on iPhone

Credit: Apple

The list of compatible applications never produced a communiqué from Apple again, mentioning the possibility of a new evolution in a direct score of a sporting competition. This function is no longer available if the mise à jour represents more than a year later.

Des modes sur-mesure for this concentrater

Apple is also improving the function of the “Focus” function to allow customers to focus the mieux on certain applications and contenus that autorisés à s’afficher en mettant les autres en sourdine pour éliminer de distraction sources according to context, work or home, for example. The mise à jour vers iOS 16 introduces a system of “concentration filters” for selection of predetermined profiles that ensure that the besoins and speed change during the journey are selected.

The iPhone represents the concentration filters

The iPhone represents the concentration filters

Credit: Apple

Edit or modify a tweet envoyé trop vite

The feature is suitable for use by iPhone users. If you suggest WhatsApp or Messenger, Apple can make use of the application messages modify or suppress a message mal orthographié or envoyé par erreur sans que le destination ne soit au courant. Seule condition : que ce dernier ne l’ait pas déjà lu, sans quoi il sera notifié. On the contrary, the official has five minutes to submit or cancel the order. Il sera aussi possible d’ajouter un marqueur à un message pour penser à y repondre plus tard.

The iPhone can edit a post afterwards

The iPhone can edit a post afterwards

Credit: Apple

Request the wifi code for the partner plus facilities

If it is normal, Wi-Fi device encodes in the form of a suite of points or key points, for the reasons of security and confidentiality, a kind of passe-partout. In fact, it is impossible to “rewrite” a Wi-Fi code that has undergone a déjà registration, it is one of the most likely devices to use. Ce ne sera plus le cassous iOS 16.

With iOS 16 it is possible d’poster en toutes lettres le code Wi-Fi lorsqu’on souhaite se connecter à un réseau. For the recuperer, il faudra se rendre dans the section Wi-Fi des Paramètres. A new option is available for passe devices. It can be discreet to achieve a significant time saving for the part of the mots de passe laborieux.

Dictator un message plus facility

If you’re dictating a message on your iPhone, you can interrupt it and correct it for misunderstanding or misdirection in keyboard mode. With iOS 16, the keyboard can use automation to perform the diction for text editing plus facilement. The smartphone can be charged and can be easily charged.

The iPhone automates the dictated messages

The iPhone automates the dictated messages

Credit: Apple

The automatic detection of duplicate photos

Apple improves iPhone photo album function for iOS 16. It may happen that the automatic registration of photos is double registered in a special album and the supprimer is used faster for the stock room liberator. In addition to the recent March announcement, the “Masqué” photo album and the contents of the album are the photos protected by the passcode or the habits of the iPhone’s authentication systems.

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