La FCC interdit la vidéosurveillance et les équipements de télécommunications de Huawei, ZTE et d’autres entreprises chinoises


The Biden administration released the last year’s Security Devices Act. This is a business visa from Chinese companies who have been authorized and applied for business. Aujourd’hui, the FCC has made an official decision. The basis of this new law is that equipment from Huawei, Hytera, ZTE, Hikvision and Dahua is not available in the United States. Of course, the equipment of the companies known as the FCC’s “list of place settings” is of no concern to the cell.

“The FCC is required to provide non-secure national protection and has made sure that the use of non-fictitious means of communication is not authorized at border crossings, and now for job seekers,” a statement from FCC President Jessica Rosenworcel, in a communique. “These new rules cover an important part of the actions that are implicit in communications to protect the American people against threats to national security. »

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It is important that the material proposed by the civil society organizations is not interdit. The ban is the essence of the equipment based on “public security object, security of government installations, physical surveillance of infrastructure critical and national security objects”. If companies question whether they should not sell commercial products for government use (and not commercialize products controlled by consommateurs), the FCC’s ban may well be in order.

Cette decision with an enlightened situation of plus and plus détériorée between US and Chinese governments. Les États-Unis ont place plusieurs business chinoises sur leur “liste d’entités”, ce qui interdit aux enterprises américaines de leur vendre quoi que ce soit. The FCC has demanded $5 billion for help to US operators to replace the devices suitable for ZTE and Huawei.

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