la 5G est-elle un bon argument de vente ?


From the launch of the 5G, the compatibility of a smartphone or a tablet to a new mobile generation has developed a real argument. The operators, and the techies, have promises of mountains and merveilleq aux consommateurs avec des vitesses the navigation fortement accrues et de nombreuses autres fonctionnalités.

The consommateurs have denied the criteria of the 5G en tête

Of course, force the observation that the general public has no passion for 5G. Le Financial times You can question your file by various experts. Selon Chiew Le Xuan, analyst at Canalys, lectures customers about comments about 4G est « larger enough for a quotidienne use. »

As the focus on authoritarian technology grows, Apple’s major corporate technologies focus on the criteria of the authorities in their communications. Et l’expert d’ajouter : « The automatic stroke of the 5G is smaller and the question has been most replaced by the aspects plus practicalities of smartphones, autonomy, storage, speed of the process and the quality of the photo app ».

Cité par nos confrères, William Hare, analyst of the Omdia cabinet, enfonce à son tour le clou: « An iPhone accessory cannot be any different than a smartphone accessory. Innovation and massive ralenti ».

If the 5G does not captivate as the flaws, the general public is interested in the practical criteria for autonomy. There are more adventurers that make the iPhone 14 Pro Max mobile phone superior to the mobile phone.

Whether you have a 5G pensez-vous, this is a new mobile generation of your apporte-t-elle plus confort au quotidien ? Dites-le-nous dans les commentaires. – Official app

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