iPhone / iPad  : comment améliorer son autonomie ?


If you read comments, there are names that point to the blatant autonomy of your iPhone and your iPad. There are certain active options (or au contraire à deactivate) that allow you to save minutes.

Avoir a système à jour

Appel vous conseillera toujours d’avoir one version of son système la plus adaptée possible. More options can be used to take advantage of certain things. And effect, with iOS16 you have acquired a certain name for a clear reduction in your autonomy.

Pour mettre à jour son système, il faudra aller dans Réglages > General > Mise à jour logicielle. If you check the iOS/iPadOS version, it will be displayed in Reglages > General > Information > iOS version.

iPhone/iPad: comments improve son autonomy?

Eviter les extreme temperatures

In other words, we chose to control the autonomy of the performances and avoid the extreme temperatures. In fact, the iPhone / iPad / Apple Watch can operate manually at a temperature between 0 and 35 °C, but it can also happen that the temperature is between -20 and 45 °C. In this case, the problems with starting the device. When rappelling, the MacBook is more vulnerable than the ce côté là, the plage de températures se site plutôt between 10 and 35 °C.

iPhone/iPad: comments improve son autonomy?

Active in economy mode

The mode is a device with iOS 9, which can extend the autonomy of your iPhone longer because the battery runs out in time. So, the iPhone informs the use of the charge level of 20%, less than 10%, and proposes an economy mode with a simple touch. One of the active mode, the brightness of the light is redthe performance of the device is optimized with a note of limitation of the system’s animations.

Dans le meme temps, le téléchargement de contenu en arrière-plan ne se fait plus, with certain features of AirDrop or iCloud sync. The functions of the base -passer and recipient of apples, envoy and recipient of emails and messages, accéder à Internet-sont maintenues.

Ne rien poster (gauche), tout activar (droite)

iPhone/iPad: comments improve son autonomy?

Fashion economy sans pourcentage (gauche),
pourcentage sans mode economist (droite)

iPhone/iPad: comments improve son autonomy?

Comment consult lesson information relatives à sa battery ?

Rien de plus simple, il aller aller dans allez dans Réglages > Batterie. If all goes well, all squares of information and graphics will have a battery fully charged. At the level of the battery with different charging times, the activity with the maximum temperature, and most of the 24 dernières or the 10 deniers jours. The moment you app apps on consommé le plus, soit en temps d’utilization soit en pourcentage de batterye.

Click on one of the list of apps, on pourra voir la consommation lorsqu’elle est poster à l’écran ou en arrière plan. If the battery is used by the app, the mobile phone may have an arrière plan if you use another app.

iPhone/iPad: comments improve son autonomy?

Gérer l’actualisation en arrière plan

To improve battery life, in one way or another the functions or securities of the intermediaries are touted. All information in Rules > General > Update of a subscription, the selection of Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi and mobile phones, or the deactivation of updating a subscription or the choice of certain apps

iPhone/iPad: comments improve son autonomy?

Please note, if the app sends an email to an activity in an arrière plan, it is possible that the choice of recuperation by the données manuellement or the longer interval of recuperation is made. Allez dans Réglages > Comptes en mots de passe > Nouvelles données.

Localization and localization in an arrière plan.

About how to use the localization service, with the possibility of deactivating it in the Réglages > Confidentialité > Service de localization. In fact, chaque app est repertoriée avec son réglage d’autorisation. An icon on the On/Off button of apps can be used by the localization service.

Ecran d’accueil and the verrouillage.

If an app is frequently activated with notifications, it is possible to deactivate push notifications Rules > Notifications. Touchez l’app and desactivez Autoriser lesson notifications. This manipulation can be complete or partial, but you can follow the parameterization settings through the first page of the Réglages app.

Pas de couverture reseau et signal faible.

If you have a white zone or have used a mobile phone, your iPhone may be temporarily used to make the connection, and you will have a negative effect on your battery life. At this point, optimize your battery’s autonomy and activate Avion mode. For cela, il suffit d’ouvrir le Center de contrôle et de toucher l’icône du mode Avion (note, il ne sera plus possibly de passer ni de recevoir d’appels).

iPhone/iPad: comments improve son autonomy?

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