iPhone : Foxconn verse jusqu’à 1800€ de bonus supplémentaires pour sauver la production


In several weeks, the situation is very uncertain at the standard user level of Foxconn in Zhengzhou and China, plus communément surnommée la Cité des iPhone, et pour cause. If there is a note that will be distributed during the weekend, the Taiwan group can offer the best price for around 13,000 yuan (1,742 euros). Cette somme serait verse en décembre et en javier à ses salariés travaillant à temps plein et ayant rejoint le groupe au debuted du mois de novembre or plus tôt. The following week, the group offered the firsts of 10 000 yuan (1 340 euros) to job seekers leaving the campus. The extent to which the exodus of wage earners is released is that more and more demands are made for participation in violent manifestations of the past week. Elle vient aux nombreuses autres primes déjà promises / payées. If 80% of the world’s production of iPhones ends up on the site, the site can be viewed about 200,000 times during the activity, and it’s the only way the action will run.

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