iPhone : comment utiliser Contrôle de sécurité


Parmi les new features, iOS 16 introduces le Security control on iPhonemaking it possible to quickly participate in the information or the mettre during your trip.

Comment arrêter le partage ?

It is useful in certain situationslock immediately le partage de vos données (reinitialization procedure d’urgence). For example, il peut s’agir de la perte or du full the son of the iPhone and the necessity of certain sensible people (so that a jamais arrives on the déverrouiller).

At the level of the apps related to manipulation, on trouve Calendriers, Maison, Notes, the position part of Localiser, Photos or Santé. Be it simple apps, certainties that are not available and components that use Bluetooth, Contacts, Files and Files, Microphone, Reminders, etc.

Comment “Gérer les partages et les accès” dans Contrôle de sécurité

To access security, you can remove an iPhone with an unidentified Apple employee (AppleID) and active two-factor identification. One of the requirements is in place, a connection can be made, and allant dance Lines > AppleID. One of the things is true, the mistake can be made Lines > Confidentiality and security > Security control.

On nota plusieurs degrés d’urgence pour effectuer cette maneuver. Si on est pressé, on peut toucher Stop accelerating, permettant de cacher (revoquer le partager) acceleration. When it’s busy it’s worth it Reinitialization d’urgencepermission to access the personal access to the apps.

Generally gérer and identity verifier des personnes avec qui on partage des informations, restreindre des Messages et des apples FaceTime sur son iPhone, resets the authorizations of access to the system approved by apps. About changing the code of the change or about the pass for the AppleID.

iPhone: comment user Contrôle de sécurité

Do you respond to the part?

Opposite, for sharing a person après avoir utilisé Security controlil suffit d’ouvrir l’app ou le service partage et d’activer à nouveau l’option. There is no certainty that the staff of the arrêt du partage can be vos données.

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