iPhone 15 Pro : une autre rumeur suggère l’abandon des boutons mécaniques


The iPhone 15 Pro can be abandoned to use mechanics, abilities gains and a click simulation for a haptic engine. There is an idea that Apple is a déjà mise en place à l’époque de l’iPhone 7 for the bouton d’accueil and that for the general use of the volume and bouton demarrage on the prochaine generation. Ming-Chi Kuo has launched the prime minister of the idea, a new rumor from his son.

The iPhone 15 Pro omits the technical details

It so happens that one of Apple’s four nisseurs is a product of the moteurs haptiques that makes a note to investors of a new component destined for smartphones that will be bought later. The name of Cupertino’s company has not been named and as a result, the iPhone will have a large number of functions in the future, but there is a possibility that a new haptic locomotion will be used to replace the mechanical mechanisms of the Barclays analysts with cited sources MacRumors.

These two mechanisms can be replaced by the capacitives of the boutons in future iPhone (image iGeneration).

You can choose to allow Apple to install multiple devices on your iPhone and increase the reliability of your smartphones, but it is not possible to use your mobile haptics in the interior. Technique, il restait des pièces mobiles pour ces boutons, mais elles seraient places à l’intérieur de l’appareil et non plus à l’extérieur.

After rumored iPhone 15 Pro advantageous change, the two iPhone 15 will automatically look for technical aids.

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