iPhone 14 et iPhone 14 Plus : la puce A15 reconduite, le design des iPhone 13 aussi


Only d’iPhone Mini is ready. Ce terminal, you can always search Les Numbers nl version 13, n’aura pas de successeur. The non-pro versions for the iPhone 14 are not suitable for two years old, but the smartphone is best suited for an iPhone 14 Plus, the first in the series. La tendance n’est donc plus aux petits formats, mais bien aux terminaux de grande taille, n’en déplaise aux petites mains.

The puce A16 Bionic reservation for iPhone Pro

The iPhone 14 and 14 Plus have an identical technical card, except for the respective tails. There is no official official statement from Apple about the exact characteristics of the battery’s capacity. Au menu donc, des iPhone qui surprennent par one caractéristique d’important: ils sont pas animés par le chipset Apple A16 Bionic, new puce de la pomme en logiquement la plus puissante de son catalogue, mais par cele qui avait été officialise au côté des iPhone 13 : l’A15 Bionic. The SoC offer of the performances of the pointe en n’a certes rien d’obsolète, mais son surprend, compte tenu du du tarif de vente des two smartphones. Apple promotes a design of internal compensation for the thermal envelope and the improvement of smartphone autonomy.

The two models of the game 14 are one piece by a solid technique. When retrouve one of the 6.1 cases for the iPhone 14, and the 6.7 cases for the iPhone 14 Plus, there are more than two not-abandoned toujours that the antique encoche qu’Apple est seul à conserver sur ses clothing. If you are honest, the brand can offer a maximum brightness of 1200 cd/m².

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If you want to take a picture, Apple suggests using two 12-megapixel cameras, one wide-angle and one ultra-wide-angle. Apple assures that it is an option for a captor head plus grand, the fact is that the pixels of 1.9µm against 1.7µm on the iPhone 13, and the promise of clichés plus bright. The advantage of a video is that there is a new action mode, the biggest stabilization electronic improvement.

La connectivity avant tout

Les nouveaux iPhone, chiches au level des nouveautés technologies, misent sur des fonctions liées à la connectivité. More eSIM profiles can be accumulated, starting to develop a part in the world, more than that. If you have satellite contacts, Huawei is not the first to report this with Mate 50, but support for the new iPhone 14 generation.

The duo uses this technology for urgent messages. Apple’s minimal passante uses an algorithm that limits compression to message transmission, but also changes response-types that change security. This feature, two free pendants from an iPhone 14 or an iPhone 14 Plus, can be purchased from the United States in Canada or in November. Note the function of detecting accidents, using gears and gyroscopes of devices, officially on iPhone 14, in the launch phase of Apple Watch Series 8.

You can see the 48 Mpx photo capturer, the camera and Dynamic Island, the light output of 2000 nits of specific spare parts for iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max. The 14 and 14 Plus models have a one-time stay, with a flat rate of 1019 € for the premier and 1169 € for the second.

The two devices will be available from September 9, while the iPhone 14 will be available from September 16. The iPhone 14 Plus has been on the market since October 7.

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