iPhone 14 : des performances et une charge améliorées pour un prix qui resterait le même


The latest iPhone 14 versions are sorted in a humid environment such as the most popular visitors, the new devices of smartphones and a final plus. The models of the factions about déjà dévoilé risking the design of future phones, more rumors and recently new insights in favor of the possibilities that exist in the ventre.

Optimization of the puce

For a new telephone generation, Apple controls a priori the fair train of the new avec du vieux. The iPhone 14 (the base model, as opposed to the Pro models) can be used to use the Apple A15 if the company has déjà employed by the iPhone 13. From now on, Bloomberg has started déjà. this is the opportunity you have in the coming weeks. Out of revenge, a new rumor about the origin of Twitter ShrimpAppleProconfirmed that, perhaps it is the recycling of components, the iPhone 14 benefits in terms of performance improvements.

Using a new 4G/5G modem can be a control of the phone’s architecture for a boost of performance at a fresh level. If it is possible that the iPhone 14 plus the RAM is blocked, it can help to get a new soufflé on the A15 disk. Sans doute quelques optimizations logicielles bien senties permettront au nouvel iPhone de gagner en vélocité. If so, Apple does not seem to “recycle” the image of a mobile phone with a new innovation, and that is the fact that the money from the components goes into the development of new puces plus compliqué.

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Load 30 W and price at 909 €

Another faitétat d’une improvement of the load on the iPhone. Plus accuracy, the new iPhone support all available devices at 30W power, and moins for the charge cycle debut. There is a report of 27W actually supporting the iPhone 13 Pro Max. Cela devrait permettre de recupérer plus rapidement quelques précieux pourcents de battery in cas de panne sèche. Charge baisserait ensuite at 25 or 27 W, to save the battery and not the phone.

Finally, on the blog in the south of Naver, the base price of the iPhone 14 is not available. Si l’on en croit “une grande institute financière americaine”, if you are not in town, the modèle d’entrée de gamme devrait coûter le meme prix que les précédents, soit 909 € in France. In a similar way, the new iPhone can no longer be used. The grand prize for winning the game is a rematch plus it can’t be thought of as the iPhone Mini. Le modele, a priori peu popular, se vend aujourd’hui 809 €.

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