iPhone 14 : Apple commande 95 millions d’unités à ses fournisseurs


It’s a gloomy month, Apple raises 90 million iPhone 14 start ahead of 95 million arrival, it’s possible Taiwan economic newspaper.

The game iPhone 14 is designed to be composed in terms of devices – iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Max, iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max – and it is a report, Apple participates in the Pro Max, the modèle and more advanced games , soit le plus vendu.

The chain of approval and the iPhone’s assembly is one thing, and the production’s ability to pass the time. This 5% increase is carried out in various manufacturing and assembly companies, such as TSMC, Pegatron, Hon Hai, Largan and Luxshare.

The iPhone will appear in September

With the launch of the iPhone 13, iPhone revenue rose to $471.6 billion in the first quarter, up from $65.6 billion in the previous quarter. A quarter launch of the iPhone 14 plus, combined with a major interest aligned with the iPhone 14 Pro Max, can traditionally be combined with a quarter plus for Apple.

The iPhone 14 has been given a release date in September, but rumor has it that the A16 processor will dot, there’s a new 48-megapixel photo app, a little bit on the clock and some big toujours allumé.

If you’re interested in purchasing a product it’s the iPhone 14 aura of signature features similar to the iPhone 13 phones car Apple intends using components for the processeur device photo and l ‘ecran. The rebranding of the material used for Apple? Et si c’est le cas, verrons-nous d’autres fabricants faire de même ?

The card with the game Pro

Apple maintains a situation where a new poussée on the march of Android for the maintenance of higher level iPhone devices is possible. Le PDG d’Apple, Tim Cook, a clear understanding of the importance of “switchers” to iPhone performance, with a nombre record of personnes passant d’Android on iOS.

Anyway, Apple’s permanent obsession has a feature card for the iPhone and the iPhone Pro to make the iPhone 14 years a second choice for Android’s turnaround.

For example, buy an iPhone 14. Nous savons déjà beaucoup de choices sur ce qui différenciera les iPhone 14 and 14 “Max” of the game Pro, that is a distinctive feature for a price plus price. It seems that the premieres of the current A15 Bionic are preserved, it is a 12 megapixel photo camera and the most OLED and polysilicon bass temperature (LTPS) – which is suitable for the new permanent operation of iOS 16 and the frequency of refinement ProMotion de 120 Hz. This is the new device of the new A16 Bionics, with a new TFT OLED Oxide Polycrystalline Temperature Sensor (LTPO) and a new 48-megapixel photo app with high capacity and good brightness.

If the problem is for Android passengers on iPhones it is possible to use a mobile phone with a photo app with megapixels plus a large number of allumés, multiple devices use a smartphone vieux de quelques années or un modèle qui n ‘est pas haut de gamme. Or, if you’re replacing your smartphone, it’s most common for a model with a premium material and a premium experience. If you’re using an iPhone, you can choose to use the iPhone Pro or Pro Max.

The popularity of the iPhone Pro and Pro Max suggested that this strategic marketing feature was very useful. It is possible to use an iPhone function and Android smartphones. With a certain amount of use, Apple aura plus the mal à vendre of the iPhone and Android users on a budget, making the habit of pouvoir accéder à des functionalities tells it is permanently connected and photo devices megapixels without question increase to more than 1 000 dollars.

Source: ZDNet.com [1, 2].

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