iPhone 13, iPhone 11 : vente flash à saisir rapidement ce jeudi chez Amazon


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Amazon offers two discounts on the Apple iPhone 11 and iPhone 13 smartphones. The iPhone 11, which is available, costs 510 euros for a limited time. The model blanc de 64 Go is available in the plusieurs coloris et possède une mémoire de 128 Go (le prix varie selon les options que vous choisissez). The blank model is doté d’un écran de 6.1 pouces. It is compatible with 4G and Bluetooth. It is sold in its original box with a Lightning vs USB cable. The smartphone iPhone 11 d’Apple has been confirmed at a price of 509 euros instead of 539 euros at Amazon. It withstands the water and the poussière of only 2 meters from the profondeur and hanger 30 minutes. The option consists of a double photo equipment suitable for a Nuit mode and a portrait mode. It is capable of recording videos in 4K. On the security level, the smartphone uses Face ID option for opening the app and authenticator for chats.

The second smartphone from Apple and promotion chez Amazon is est l’iPhone 13 bleu de 128 Go. Just sorting the iPhone 14, you will benefit from a discount of 50 euros on the model. Buy the smartphone iPhone 13 d’Apple au prix de 859 euros au lieu de 909 euros chez Amazon. There is a Super Retina XDR de 6.1 pouces and a single connection compatibility with 5G. If a double photo comp contains a Nuit mode and a portrait mode, it is a kind of cinema film for recording realistic and intense videos, like in the cinema. The video footage is free to download through Dolby Vision, a technology used by professionals.

Donating clicks ici take advantage of Amazon’s offer on Apple’s iPhone 11

Donating clicks ici take advantage of Amazon’s offer on Apple’s iPhone 13

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