iOS 16 : les 5 nouveautés pour iPhone


Apple is coming to WWDC, Worldwide Developers Conference, Monday, June 6. Once you’ve done a projection heist on iOS 16, the new version of the system describing the iPhone is automatic.

For the sturdiness of the pomme, iOS 16 allows a smartphone to be personalized. Voici cinq nouveautés qui viendront lui offrir a new identity.

Un écran d’accueil à customizer

C’est sans doute le changement le plus notable d’iOS 16, car il est le plus visual. The storage capacity is personal. If so, it is possible to change the funds of the publishers, Apple has an interesting contact and makes it possible to transform the typography and the characters described in the text. Les watches, the lettrage de la date, les information on the meteo or encore l’emplacement de notifications pourront être paramétrés. It is possible that there are more pluses to accumulate to turn the envy of others. There is a possibility that you can take inspiration from Android, more than that is Apple’s encore.

the part of the photo on icloud

Apple is enabling a new way to share photos via iCloud. It is possible to create the album parts with plusieurs personnes. If you can use mobile devices to access iCloud during your tour, you can enrich your album with a lot of content. A simple bouton makes it possible to make the cliché available if there is a ligne space and it is left to deactivate the photo for the rest of the photo.

le texte en direct plus efficient


In the beginning of Google translation, the application text for iOS 16, the traditional text in time can be used to orient the iPhone app photo to another text. It is possible that the copier-coller des critures will take a picture. With iOS 16, Texte direct va surtout permettre or recupérer du texte qui pourrait apparaître sur one video. A premiere.

Autre nouveauté, the Dictée évolue function. Celle-ci permet déjà d’énoncering texte avant de l’envoyer sous Messages, mais il sera désormais may de dicter un texte tout en utilisant le clavier en même temps pour prendre le relais si l’outil a mal interprété or orthographié un mot of a nom.

Plan for relief


Alors que Google Street View fête ses 15 année avec nombreuses nouveautés, Apple prepared for the new features for simultaneous: Plans. The Cupertino company has presented the premiere of the city models in 3D in 2021, but it is likely the project in the city outside the city. La bonne nouvelle est que la France est concernée par ce projet. The modeling is more fidèle and permettre de mieux orienter, voire même de distinguer les voix sur les routes plus larges.

CarPlay at the place of the compteur de voiture


For drivers using CarPlay, the Apple system is an entréement été revu. Make sure you can customize your auto-ensemble with the possibilities of personalization and core inédites for your logic. It is possible to find the whole of cars and the integration of the cars. It is possible that CarPlay indicates the speed of the vehicle, the elements that are available, but also the ensemble of the divertissement system and the GPS.

One of the most compatible vehicles with multiple modern vehicles. It is possible to configure a personal setting with the applications you want to use in advance. Renault, Volvo, Mercedes, Nissan, Ford, Audi, Jaguar, Land Rover, Porsche or Honda have their ears and déjà announcement announced by Apple for a fully compatible system. Un premier pas vers l’Apple Car ?

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