Huawei veut développer l’excellence des startups marocaines


As the goal of encouraging the digital transformation in Morocco to cross an application of startups, Huawei Maroc has launched the premiere edition of the program Spark. Cette competition sera clôturée par la remise de Prix aux trois premières startups, sélectionnées par un jury.

The Spark program is an international program that has the ambition to develop the digital aspects of an entrepreneur, and to strengthen the capabilities of startups in various sectors of the number. In fact, the priority is to develop the products and improve the croissance.

The start-ups that make money from receiving financial rewards and who have the opportunity to access techniques and human resources, who have the opportunity to create as much croissance potential as possible. Dans ce sens, Jerry CUI, director Dénéral d’Huawei Maroc and stated: «Huawei is the organizer of the competition that promotes the entrepreneurial spirit in Morocco and encourages the project developers to promote the construction of startups and prometteuses accélérer leur digital transformation ». Et de poursuivre: «We are sure that Huawei is convinced that the development of a numerically sustainable company consists of a system of PME and the successful startups. The Spark program, initiated by Huawei, enables start-ups to provide the right techniques, plus help in determining viable market strategies, customer prospecting and fund levels ».

The marocaine de ce program of the first plan is in collaboration with national startups active in the field of new technologies (AI, Connectivité, Cloud, etc.). It is developed by Huawei Cloud and in the south of the Moroccan government, with the participation of plus partners of Huawei in the beginning of Technopark, AUSIM, MAScIR, Orange, ADD, MNF or SMIT. If you are an honest supervisor of your own entrepreneurial project, if you want to play a tournament against the bon formateur, this is one reason why your initiative is a guarantee of support for the project developers for a new impetus.

The project is necessary to create an appropriate framework for the sens de l’innovation chez les jeunes entrepreneurs. It is a fair promotion of our services to strengthen the competition, to realize a product that can be solved quickly, to profit from the commercial opportunities of the Huawei Cloud smart system and the specifics of the march and the opportunities that there are. I offer.

Rappelons que la transformation digital au Maroc connu a great evolution part of the last few years. Elle represents the time of an uncontournable passage for the companies, leur permettant de se mettre en sûreté et d’optimiser leurs gains de temps et d’argent. Whether it is a certain level, the new consommation comport that a connu is a professional revolution in the following years.

The users who seek information on the internet because they have false ideas and beliefs turn into an opportunity for brand names and companies to use their products and focus on the market.

Maroc has made up its mind about the movement, and there is a positive existence in the sense of Morocco’s digitization. On a general note on the dematerialization of services and technological solutions that make up the world.

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