Huawei travaille sur une montre connectée capable de stocker des écouteurs


Huawei can make sure that the laissé contains one of the concepts interesting for a date. If a photo completion has been published on the work, on an aperçoit en effet a montre connectée de la firme, don’t let the cadran seem pouvoir s’ouvrir… to show a few cache couteurs. Just imagine a smartwatch capable of charging multiple devices, but also the detail techniques you can use.

Huawei is a déjà habit of private design. Only later, the builder of the Chinese has discovered the Watch GT Cyber ​​​​there is a montre connectée with a movable cadran that is a nice opportunity to convince the experienced technology experts. Simply, it seems that the company’s new lubie puisqu’un project for the moins étonnant seems to inspire the même concept.

Revélée from Huawei Central, this new montre connectée and the quoi étonner même les plus ouverts d’esprits. Visible Huawei Watch Buds, the mobile phone is a device capable of keeping devices in the home. If you know it is a suggère, you must post a photo of the smartwatch relevant to your dévoiler des écouteurs sans fil.

Huawei can offer a smartphone commercial that is suitable for chargers from écouteurs

Du reste, the photo cannot be found in the additional details. The HarmonyOS 3 watch has a design similar to Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 3, with a bracelet within a bracelet and an ensemble relationship in the small and pure. What is the point of most of the internet surfers who have asked a question that is legitimate: whether Huawei can go to a forest ranger’s place?

Sur le meme sujet — Test Huawei Watch GT 3 Pro: a montre luxurious and sporty, and delay on the confluence

In fact, imagine that the montre connectée intégrera is a system to recharge to display the véritablement pratique, if you do, accompany the battery and the other components necessary for the proper functioning of the device, semble légèrement trop envahissant pour une montre qui paraît si légère. The fact, rappelons who did not take this picture to make the commercialization of the future of a counting product, and perhaps they will make an announcement of Huawei avant de grimper sur le train de la hype.

Source: Huawei Central

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