Huawei signe l’engagement mondial de l’UIT


With the help of 120 million people living in the zones reduced to a global number, Huawei has signed a global engagement with the International Telecommunication Union (UIT), on November 29, 2022.

Huawei uses a favorite of the residents of the residential zones, for a single connection access. In fact, the firm has signed a global commitment and has joined the numérique partner2Connect of the international telecom union, which has requested connectivity in the area 120 million persons in the zones returned in plus the 80 pays à l’horizon 2025 .

Liang Hua, the president of Huawei, has announced a decision on the company’s 2022 sustainable development, Connectivité+: Innover pour avoir un impact. The forum has commented on innovation in TIC’s material to liberate commercial value and social connectivity and promote the sustainability of the economy.

Parmi les intervenants, citons de hauts responsibles de l’UIT et des Nations unions, the ministers of telecommunications and the regulators of Cambodia, Nigeria, Bangladesh and Pakistan, such as the chefs, the partenaires, the experts and des clients de Chine, d’Afrique du Sud, de Belgique et d’Allemagne.

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