Huawei et les sanctions américaines


On the site of the US sanctions, the principle of the mandate of Donald Trump, Huawei’s chargé d’affaires has little significance.

  • Après des années de croissance ininterrompue, le chiffre d’affaires de Huawei s’est effondré de près de 30% in 2021 par report à l’année précédente.
  • Les bénéfices on chuté de 67% for the first quarter 2022, comparable to the last period of the year.

This is a clear trajectory of the actual geographic areas, starting with the consequences of the limitations of Huawei’s 5G mobile network throughout the territory.

  • Decisions, which do not allow the changes in the administration, the consensus party applicants in turnbranch America: Huawei poses a risk to the country’s national security.
  • The association is on the list of 20 Chinese companies seraient contrôlées par l’Armée Populaire de libération1.
  • The US government has joined Huawei in announcing a range of imported components, notably Qualcomm Inc.’s puces, and a call to encourage allies proclaimed that the Chinese company’s equipment and new 5G solution used for espionage.

The manière générale, the marches of the allied Americans, do not have the same relatively sensible arguments.

  • Australia, Canada, New Zealand and Suede v Washington in the interdistinguished total of Huawei’s devices. In Great Brittany, the latest rules are mandatory for retired technology Huawei from the 5G systems for 2027.
  • D’autres pays ont des positions plus nuances. La France is a question from retired equipment operators Huawei of plusieurs parties of leurs that send alors que le Japon a signal that the company is n’était pas la bienvenue.

On the other hand, the development of the country seems to be the accumulation of Huawei’s mobile communication infrastructure.

  • As part of the initiative of the new route of the Soie, Huawei plays a key role for the communist Chinese party, alors que l’entreprise construit one grande partie des réseaux de télécommunications in Asia and Africa.
  • The company celebrates the réseaux 5G in Indonesia, in Saudi Arabia, in Afrique du Sud and in Turkey. Le Brésil, an important potential potential, a volte-face mais ne semble pas prêt à émettre une interdiction.
  • Huawei’s guidelines have indicated that they have signed plus the 5,000 commercial 5G contracts in the world, the full use of 5G for the national carriers at the level of the mobile devices in the ports.

The dynamics of US sanctions on Chinese technologies do not resemble the s’arrêter – en quel que thus the result of the intermediate from November 8.

  • At present, the administration has issued an announcement of new restrictions pertaining to the current direction of plus Chinese companies operating in the domain strategic domains, comme l’intelligence artificielle and super calculators.
  • A number of Chinese companies, the laboratories of the recherche gouvernementaux and the authorities authorized to impose similar restrictions.

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