Huawei brade son enceinte conçue avec Devialet sous les 100 € lors des soldes


With Bluetooth as its foundation, Huawei is now another overture to Devia to gain in know-how. Elle devient le parfait compagnon pour l’été, et cela pour seulement 99 euros contre 149 euros à sa sortie.

If Huawei’s smartphones are no longer available, there are other products that are very interesting, but also audio. Bringing back Huawei Sound Joy, the latest Bluetooth connection is with Devialet. As the first fois that the constructeur chinois collaborated with Devialet, there is a retrouve également aux commands de ses recent écouteurs premium. If you choose to work together, this is a déjà fait ses preuves par le passé. If you are interested in a certain period, you pay 50 euros for a price you can afford.

La Huawei Sound Joy and quelques mots

  • Une enceinte nomade avec de belles finitions
  • A son Devialet the quality
  • A solid autonomy
  • Le petit plus: a halo luminous

Instead of a price of 149.99 euros, the current Bluetooth Huawei Sound Joy promotion is available in a promotion of 99.99 euros on the manufacturer’s site.

If, in the suite, the offer of this article is more than available, you can make an attempt to find the most relevant offer of Huawei Sound Joy. Le tableau se with à jour automation.

Our behind Le

Huawei Sound Joy in my opinion ?

A portable and elegant design

The Huawei Sound Joy makes a shape of cylinder which is easy to carry by choosing the brand itself. It is a question of robustness and resistance to excursions on the square. Grâce à sa certification IP67, l’enceinte est étanche et pourra résister à l’eau jusqu’à un mètre de profondeur pendant 30 minutes.

Elle sort du lot avec son halo lumineux situé en haut. Il change de couleur au gré de la musique, de la charge ou des apples vocaux. La Sound Joy is equipped with three microphones for the voice of the voice, with ambient noise suppression to record the voix de l’utilisateur twice. The plus, the function «Shake up Stereo Link» you can release two two units near the connected ensembles and a sone stereo.

Une qualité sonore signée Devialet

Huawei fait de nouveau appeal in the audio devialet. A collaboration that makes possible a beautiful restitution with an equal son, rich and powerful. Retrouve two high parleurs with a 10W tweeter and a 20W mid-woofer that they could focus on the media and the bass. The cylindrical cylinder, the large battery passive radiators can suppress the acoustic pressure.

Contrary to previous specs of the brand, it is not guaranteed to use Bluetooth and not Wi-Fi. Huawei has built-in NFC for connecting to a smartphone. The connection with Bluetooth 5.2 is unique with Huawei’s classic codecs, with knowledge of AAC, SBC and LHDC.

Finally, the Sound Joy has an 8,800 mAh battery. If the brand announces 26 hours of use to 50% of the volume, or the notre test, it takes another 18 hours to 20% of the maximum power. Il faudra compter 3 heures pour la charger complètement.

If you have the advantage, you cannot complete the Huawei Sound Joy test.

8 /10

Huawei Sound Joy

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