Honor présente MagicOS 7.0, voici les nouvelles fonctionnalités


here, Honor an announced release of MagicOS 7.0 in China. MagicOS 7 is important for the main parts of the four domains: intelligent connectivity, intelligent services, fluid performance, confidentiality and security.

It is objectif est de fournir un flux continu de convergence écologique à travers les appareils et les applications. Whether you have a problem, Honor s’aprête à dévoiler in Chine la series Honor 80 and Honor Magic Vs.

At the official launch of Honor, MagicOS 7.0 integrated into the familiar MagicRing, a Magic Live engine, a Turbo X engine system, the security of MagicGuard with four platform-level technologies, and the basic service systems.

MagicRing – trust relationship

MagicRing on MagicOS 7.0 is part of the system services. Unlike traditional connections, MagicRing allows the Honor to make more automatic connection devices with a fabulous consumption of energy.

Interconnexion intelligent avec collaboration entre plusieurs appareils

This new approche permet aux clients d’utiliser le meme clavier and la meme souris pour de nombreux appareils, de recevoir des apples et des notifications sur un appareil autre que leur smartphone et d’executer la meme application and continue sur plusieurs appareils.

  • MagicRing facilitates multiple operations and makes it possible for users plus connections, and you benefit greatly from an automatic connection, the transfers of données fast and a fluid experience.
  • The Note de Honor function allows to store hors-ligne information, the annotation of the PDF files and the synchronization of the audio and text files for work and learning. Alimenté by MagicRing, Honor Note allows synchronization of données and communication between devices.

Motor intelligent Magic Live

MagicOS 7.0 provides intelligent recommendations for various parameters and fast learning capabilities, helping users to perform daily practice. Magic Text precision exploration of the text on an image and its conversion into a file, increasing productivity. Users can number the text and registration in a PDF file of a subsequent printing.

Assistant intelligent YOYO

YOYO proposes service scenarios and personal scenarios and combines different recommendations for simultaneous services in multiple situations; the service must not be accessible and a click without avoir à utiliser fréquemment l’APP.

Engine system Turbo X

MagicOS 7 integrates OS Turbo X, GPU Turbo X and LINK Turbo X, which make up the Turbo X engine system. The first uses artificial intelligence (IA) technology to accelerate the launch of applications in multiple cases ‘use and the second apprend à fournir precisément des resources aux applications through the perception of the scene and the user’s understanding.

  • OS Turbo X: The system is more fluid, more powerful and offers more battery life.
  • GPU Turbo X: Provides a nice frequency of images and a consummation of a powerful reduit with a graphics engine IA is based on the exploration of the scenes and an intelligent basis for planning the load of the scenes.
  • LINK Turbo X: Discover the features of the application, and accédant aux features of the home, aux features of the environment and apprenant of the habits of use, LINK Turbo X can predire and trouver the blockages of the use of the future , offers ainsi aux utilisateurs a meilleure solution for communication.

Secure MagicGuard Glory

The users’ données are protected by MagicGuard’s security system, which ensures that the bank plus honors the lowest security rating for TEE OS duplicate auto search.

Flow Design—an interactive experience by nature

Since it’s about the conceptual concepts, MagicOS 7.0 uses “Flow” as the first idea. Introducing the Police Honor Sans and improving the space to make the page simple and easy.

Technologies ouvertes pour les developers

Honor with MagicRing, MagicLive, Turbo X and MagicGuard at the disposal of the developers of the world to favor rapid system expansion of applications. In Ouvrant 22 kits containing cinq scenarios principaux, Honor permet à ses partenaires de co-developer 32 new features. Honor four years of integrated development environment to help the world developers build a world plus intelligent and plus center on user.

Honor Sports Health

With MagicOS 7, Honor a également annoncé des recommendations of cartes au level du système avec l’application HONOR Health, which recommends intelligence plus the 300 suggestions of cartes au level du système and function des sports.


The premiere version of the beta version of Honor MagicOS 7.0 that started in December de cette année pour les appareils en chine.

On the occasion of this announcement, George Zhao, PDG of HONOR Device Co., Ltd, issued a statement:

Honor MagicOS, one of Honor’s innovation strategies, has a system including grâce à son architecture logicicielle entièrement mise à jour pour une experience utilisateur inégalée. In a transparent collaboration between devices and systems, Honor MagicOS véritablement has transformed basic experiences into devices and experience centers on the use.

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