Honor prend la relève de Huawei avec un nouveau smartphone haut de gamme, le Magic 4 Pro


In France, on connaissait Honor comme la marque d’entrée de gamme de Huawei. The Chinese group that owns a branch of a consortium of a public and private chinois consortium in 2020 wants to know the context of sanctions imposed by the United States government, which between the four countries of America and d’ interdit are obtain a license android. Honor a win from the Mobile World Congress for its new position representing Huawei’s premium premium, presenting the 28th anniversary of its new smartphone, the Magic 4 Pro.

A la conquete de l’Europe
As a predecessor, the Magic 3 Pro, you could buy a premium clothing that does not come close to the chemin jusqu’en Europe. With the new series Magic 4, there is a large number of European consumers and comptets from Huawei, and an iPhone 13 Pro app. During the keynote of MWC 2022, Honor Device CEO George Zhao could not compare the performances of the new flagship of the new flagship and the US smartphone apps.

Le Magic Pro offers an elegant design, available in multiple colors, and shows the photos of the passengers in the picture. The 6.8 pouces, located on the four boards, are quiet on one of the OLED LTPO capable two frequency drives between 1 Hz and 120 Hz, depending on the type of contenu connected to the battery saver . Honor to promote dimming at 1920 Mhz for the comfort of the clock, a level jamais atteint, dit-il, for an écran LTPO.

The big ambitions and photo
Coté photo, le Magic 4 Pro possède three capteurs: two 50-megapixel wide-angle and ultra-wide-angle modules, and a 64-megapixel telescopic lens with an optical zoom x3.5 and a zoom number x100. The manufacturer never emphasized the logic of the “ultra fusion” technology, which introduced a new system of utility color characteristics and associated hardware and software for producing high-quality images.

Honor, I am convinced that two authorizations have been approved by four US Americans, which have made Qualcomm’s new SoC, Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, an interface property of Android 12. Son GPU Turbo X (Huawei) promotes a frame rate superior à celui de l’iPhone 13 Pro for your videos. Anyway, the smartphone of the Chinese manufacturer can be charged up to 100 W, filaire et sans fil, qui permettrait de passer la battery à 100% en seulement 30 minutes. Il sera commercialize à partir de 1099 euros, au deuxième trimestre 2022.

Honor a fait également la part beauty, sur le salon, a son premier foldable smartphone, le Magic V, which has a belle allure and an eté présenté in January 2022.

Huawei met a value for diversification
Huawei, present at MWC with a large booth, fait désormais presque l’impasse sur les smartphones. It is likely that the manufacturer will be détroné in 2020 with the arrival of Samsung in the global smartphone market.

A l’honneur sur le salon, its professional solutions: data center, cloud, smart city, industry 4.0 or encore edtech. And for the general public, quand même, the material audio, video, pc’s and tablets, one imprimante, or encore de montres connectées et même du fitness material. The manufacturer has made a note of a new PC that is tactile (MateStation X) and a possibility to take notes on stylet, le MatePad Paper.

Selection pour you

With the new mobile platform Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, integrated Qualcomm part IA
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