Galaxy S23: Cette mise à niveau de l’écran le placerait devant l’iPhone 14


The base of the Galaxy S23 can have a light source that is suitable for the S23 Plus and S23 Ultra. While the Galaxy S22 has a light source that’s big, Samsung corrects this injustice and makes the S23 standard have a light source of 1750 Nits. There’s more light on the iPhone 14.

If Samsung uses my Dynamic Amoled 2X on the Galaxy S22 range, the standard model is available with a brightness of 1300 Nits against 1750 for the S22 Plus and S22 Ultra. The light of the Galaxy S22 can easily be reflected in the exterior, while exceeding the conditions of strong brightness and freedom.

Dance son dernier Tweet, Roland Quandt, un leaker fiable, confirms that Samsung has equipped the Galaxy S23 with maximum brightness. This is how the 1750 Nits work, meaning Samsung has increased the brightness of the Galaxy S23 from the 450 Nits.

It is possible that the brightness level of the Galaxy S23 from 2000 years is in HBM or maximum brightness mode. It is likely that the Galaxy S23 is comparable to the iPhone 14 basic terms of the price, Samsung’s flagship vanilla and two meilleur positions are less than 1200 Nits.

Galaxy S23: Samsung may raise the price

In parallel, the other source is a fait état of an increase in the price of the Galaxy S23 in Europe. Consequently, a list of the Galaxy S23 to 959 euros and the Galaxy S23+ with a stock of 256 Go to 1209 euros. The Galaxy S23 Ultra, Samsung’s ultra premium, with a configuration of 8 Go/256 Go, costs 1409 euros.

The award is about the most important announcements in previous rumors. The price paid is unique in the US.

Do you want to buy a Galaxy S23? Quelle nouveauté attendez-vous le plus?

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