Galaxy s22, iPhone 14, Redmi Note 10… il n’est pas trop tard


C’est le dernier jour pour profiter d’offres exceptionnelles. From Monday, November 28, Cyber ​​​​Monday promotions will not be available, the opportunity to earn money and to exchange the smartphone!

It is the last time you need to get the best business for a product, not smartphones.

  • Samsung Galaxy S21 at €339.99 instead of €859
  • Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 benefits from nombreuses (draws, gifts…)
  • Google Pixel 6a – Smartphone Android 5G at €342.10 au lieu de €459.00
  • Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max 128 Go at 1 429.99 € instead of 1 799.00 €
  • Apple iPhone 14 Bleu 128 Go at 949.00€ au lieu de 1 019.00€
  • Smartphone Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 6.43″ 128 Go at 199€ au lieu de 249€
  • Xiaomi 12T Pro 5G 8 Go RAM 256 Go Noir at €691.00 au lieu de €799.00

In fact, après le Black Friday, on retrouve pour une durée très courte de 24 heures les offres du Cyber ​​Monday. When it comes to Black Friday, the brands of the offer remain unique, more unique and ligne. If you want to change your smartphone, there is no reste que quelques heures pour faire de bonnes affaires!

Did your son get a smartphone during Black Friday 2022?

C’est une question legitime. Le Black Friday est-il vraiment la bonne période pour behind un smartphone ? This question is easy to answer. Black Friday is the basis of a fair economy on a selection of high-tech products, not on smartphones. Alors oui! During Black Friday, the reveneurs and the brands that offer exceptions are not available during the rest of the year. Importing a smartphone you’re eager to buy can speed up your economy. iPhone, Samsung, Redmi, most major brands are offered at Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday prices. It is ideal to determine if the product you have in command is the price of the price and your own supply of different offers of the trouver la plus interessante. Ne vous precipitez pas sur la premiere offre trouvée.

Do you want to exchange the smartphone for 5G?

As of November 2020, 5G is a fait son arrivée in France. C’est le 18 novembre precisément, que les operators principaux on disposé des frequencys pour émettre de la 5G. Whatever the facts, the general public of 5G arrives more than an hour later. If you don’t have access to 5G, you can expect great opportunities for changing smartphones. In fact, the frequencies of the 5G and the la 4G do not match the memes. Result, your smartphone 4G is not compatible with 5G. Cyber ​​Monday is a good time for anyone using 5G to choose a new smartphone. At the moment, the operators can choose to purchase 5G plans and 4G plans. The latest version of the offer plus the données, for navigation plus longuement on the Internet, watch videos, etc.

Note Verify if my smartphone is officially 5G?

Whether you have a passé passé à la 5G, and you can sauté the cap, two options you can use. You can check in a premium broadcast whether your smartphone is charging the 5G or using a new smartphone compatible 5G. If you use Android, you can check your parameters to see if you can use the WiFi option. Ensuite, you can choose between “SIM and Réseau”. Ici, vous verz différentes technologies apparaître. If you charge your phone and charge the 5G, your new 2G/3G/4G/5G

If you use Apple, there is a manipulation similar to that of reality. If you’re fed up with your iPhone’s settings, you can click Options. Dans Voix et Donnés, 5G car or 5G activated doit equipment. In any case, if you contact your operator to ask the question, it is possible that you have a doute.

Découvrez les meilleures offers of the Black Week 2022

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