Foxconn : 20 000 employés quittent l’usine, la production des iPhone en baisse un mois avant Noël


The chiffres are confirmed: the iPhone production in the world’s largest use, size in Zhengzhou (Chine), baissera d’au moins 30% in November, relates a source, on November 25, to Reuters. The direct result of the political zero Covid de la Chine et des dernières tensions dans de usine of Foxconn.

20,000 travailleurs left Foxconn

According to this source, the impacting global developments from November seem likely to see production offset the base of the next six weeks. Using Zhengzhou heavily affects Apple’s phones, not most of the iPhone 14 and 14 Pro models.

There is an intervening problem in a contextual encore in Zhengzhou. Mercredi, the company’s new workforce who have come up against the working conditions and political sanitary of the Taiwanese group, the manifestations that have achieved this transformative acceleration at once.

Foxconn has announced a 10,000 yuan ($1,400) first for the situation for accepting the mettre fin aux manifestations and abandoning the business. Cette decision aurait conduit près de 20 000 personnes à démissionner, selon un source interne de la société.

A new recruitment campaign?

Before the debut of the crisis, the workforce has more than 200,000 employees. The demissionnaires of the dernières hold a majority position in the new workforce unavailable for part of the manufacturing operations. “L’incident a un grand impact sur notre image public, mais peu sur notre production (aujourd’hui). Notre capacité actuelle n’est pas affectée”insure an autre source chez Foxconn.

The restriction on production of iPhones in the US by the Taiwanese group is a result of China’s no-Covid conduit policy. If there are several weeks, the workers are limited in their locations, with no possible sorting. Apart from the sanitary measures available for production and the size of the rooms. “Les enterprises ne peuvent pas faire grand-chose en matière de prévention des pandémies. C’est un problème depuis un sure temps, auquel tout le monde is confronté“, dit-on chez Foxconn.

In the course of the day, the group that has the freedom to recruit new employees will become a new production department in the décembre. A period of flottement is a craindre avant la reprise complète or l’activité. iPhone livraisons are important and are helping to accentuate tensions on iPhone stocks around the world. Apple is a big part of the revenue of the year-end celebrations.

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