faites-en plus avec l’iPhone et la caméra de continuité au-delà des appels vidéo


The continuity camera is one of the most recent features of macOS Ventura. With macOS 13 and iOS 16, you can instantly transform your iPhone into a high-quality webcam for video recording and encores. Nous vous dirons comment et pourquoi vous devreez ci-dessous.

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What is camera continuity?

macOS’s continuous camera can be used to connect the camera to your iPhone with camera video for FaceTime, Zoom, and other applications that require a webcam. The functional functionality of the applications suitable for making video recordings uses QuickTime and Photo Booth.

The benefit is one thing; Simply compare the quality of your Mac’s webcam with the quality of your iPhone for capturing video. Continuity Camera with functional videos tells Studio Lighting for better environment and Center Stage can be used for main focal point of us.

Apple has included functionality from macOS called Continuity Camera, use your iPhone’s app Photo to insert a photo into a Keynote slide on your Mac. If you know using your iPhone as a webcam is enough to use the continuity camera.

Commentary uses the camera of continuity

You can be sure that your Mac is running macOS 13 (Ventura) or an ultimate version. You can use your iPhone on iOS 16 or the latest version. The two devices that can be used to use iCloud can connect.

Continuity Camera function without file, no need to connect your iPhone to your Mac with a cable. You can use a cable to charge if your battery is fabulous or you prefer a connection filaire, more than just excellent performance without a cable.

Mac M2

If you’re using devices overnight, you’ll need to finish setup. For the results of my time, Apple recommended using your iPhone for your Mac. Your iPhone has been replaced with the camera your face has – select your iPhone comme source video. If you perform several procedures on the application, you can use the request parameter. Learn more about using Continuity Camera with FaceTime ici.

Fast time

QuickTime is the default video reader for the nombreux types of chips on Mac, and can often be used for creating videos. You can use a Lançant QuickTime, a selection of Fichier dans la barre de menus and a choice of new registration video.

If your Mac has a webcam, there’s a good chance that video will be displayed integrated directly into the camera. Place your cursor and teach commands in front of recording/reading devices. The large cercle rouge lances l’enregistrement video and a flèche pointant against the basic options of input and quality.

Once your iPhone has been mounted and corrected, you can select your iPhone from the camera list. If so, increase the quality of your façon video exponentially.

macOS Ventura works with an iPhone and a camera

When you view the quality, you can choose to choose one quality high and maximum for capturing video. It is common knowledge that a compression standard (video H.264 and audio AAC 44100 Hz) is used to control the size of the file. Maximum number of uncompressed creations (video Apple ProRes 422 and audio PCM linear) with more than enough volume.

You can always keep in touch with your registration rouge and novice videographer. Use QuickTime on your Mac with the iPhone’s continuity camera that you can use with your mobile video camera for your phone. et vous pouvez voir ce que vous enregisterez en temps réel. The court configuration process allows good reporting of the quality of the video inferior of the camera selfie or an espérant that you are your family man and mis au point avec de camera arrière without your own temporal function.

When you enroll, QuickTime invites you to register your video and choose the enrollment location. You have a video recording that is not suitable for passing the loins, so you can be honest with the integrated webcam.


Do you use Continuity Camera on your Mac for taking photos? Photo Booth on Mac may hit the market. You may be using your Mac and your iPhone to take the most important group photos for holidays or special occasions.

In fact, the world may seem your clairvoyance on quoi il on the photo without price, and Photo Booth celebrates a compte à rebours avant que la foto ne soit price. Photo Booth proposes a certain number of camera effects, and capturing videos prepends and loads the effects that are the continuity of the camera. You can take four consecutive shots at a time for a 4×4 instantaneous grid.

Photo Booth uses the built-in webcam by default. You can change the camera source for Photo Booth in the Camera section of the barre of the menus. You can use your iPhone to choose a camera option to mount or correct the position of the camera for camera continuity.

1669656076 450 macOS Ventura works with an iPhone and a camera

One of the options that you have chosen for your iPhone with the camera source for Photo Booth, you can immediately see the high quality of the photos and videos. Simply take a photo or record a video in Photo Booth comme vous le feriez avec la webcam intégrée et cela fonctionne.

Photos and videos Photo Booth are not registered in the application (and in the bibliothèque Photo Booth du Finder). You can use the feuille de partage or faire glisser and select the photos and videos selected for the partager in your iCloud or ailleurs photo library.

Using Continuity cameras with Photo Booth provides the ability to use the effects of portrait and studio lighting cameras to look different than the built-in webcam. User l’écran de votre Mac comme viseur sans compromettre la qualité est fantastique.

Would you like to receive a telephone call?

Excellent question, merci de l’avoir posée. Often a spammer will use FaceTime to use the continuity camera.

In any case, and including the recorded video, calling the relay and positioning the camera. Continuity Camera anticipates cela et le gère avec elegance. If your video recording is interrupted, and your phone tends to vibrate and tends to an explosion of your sonnerie. Instead, macOS received a different tonalité alert and phone call notification, allowing the requester to call.

1669656079 416 macOS Ventura works with an iPhone and a camera

You can do a phone consultation: If you find your iPhone back and you can’t find it on Find My or Apple Watch, look at the contents of your Mac. Cela m’est-il arrive lors d’un appel video au cours duquel je disais à tout le monde de patienter hanger que je cherchais mon iPhone ? Absolument, et cela pourrait vous arriver! This is using your iPhone with a different natural webcam.

Voici comment installer iOS 16 on iPhone

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