Équipements télécoms chinois.. Les Etats-Unis interdisent officiellement Huawei et ZTE


The Federal Communications Commission in the US territory has declared the communications equipment of China’s Huawei Technologies and ZTE groups to be an “unacceptable risk” to the national security of Etats-Unis.

This decision was taken as part of a campaign to ensure that the pluses that are visible are limited to the portée des enterprises de telecommunications chinoises sur les american americans.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has also interdit aux fournisseurs de caméras connectées Hangzhou et Dahua, ainsi qu’au fabricant of radios bidirectionnelles Hytera de vendre leurs produits aux Etats-Unis.

“The FCC is obligated to provide non-secure national protection and to know that the use of non-fictitious means of communication is not authorized to stay within its borders,” said Jessica Rosenworcel, the president of the FCC. , in a communiqué.

“These new rules concern an important party of no actions to protect the American people against threats to national security” implied from the telecommunications groups, op-elle ajouté.

The FCC estimates that the products of the Chinese group pose a risk to the safety of the données.

Les Etats-Unis on par le passé imposé des contrôles à l’exportation aux équipements et logiciels clés et sophistiqués des groupes chinois.

Attention, those in charge of America escape the place of restrictions on the TikTok platform by the authorities who have chinoises access the American users through the application of the video parts.

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