En octobre, Apple est le grand vainqueur sur les ventes de smartphones dans le monde !


It is impossible to find out how the iPhone monitors work in the world (because Apple refuses to refuse the devoiler ses ventes), it is interesting to analyze the cabinets that monitor the très près the march of smartphones. Parmi les cabinets les plus fiables, on retrouve Counterpoint, a recent report has a new bonne nouvelle concernant l’iPhone!

Apple is number 1 in October

The success of the iPhone will not come out in 2022, Apple arrives the plus and plus à persuasion the users of smartphones such as Android à passer à l’iPhone et les clients Apple à innovator color iPhone versus a modèle plus recently. Selon Counterpoint, the month of October is a phenomenon for the iPhone vents, Apple is the only one to know passerby luxury, plus a large number of simultaneous smartphone advances: Samsung.

If the two mois to make such a debut, the series of iPhone 14 and a total of 26.09 million d’apparails expedies. The name of the vents is similar to the iPhone 13 mobile phone. Avec 18.14 million de ventes, the series of the series iPhone Pro is a representative 70% of expeditions. This is a new opportunity with no big surprise in Apple Park the company’s car takes advantage of the majority of the latest developments on the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max volunteer for the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus that have a defect ‘arguments dès les premiers jours de commercialization!

galaxy s22 ultra vs iphone 14 pro

Seul Apple a vu ses ventes mensuelles evolution in October, the quasi-totality of the simultaneous connu de legères or the fortes baisses de leurs ventes. And Chine, Cupertino’s firm has done part of the march 25%, a new exploit that has attracted the bonheur of investors paying close attention to the ventes d’iPhone in China.

Recapitulons… Apple is one of the few companies to post a croissance in October, the part of the march explodes littéralement in Chine and ridicules with the smartphone manufacturers, the iPhone 14 which is perfect (and more or less the same that lesson iPhone 13) and Apple beyond Samsung Electronics sur le mois d’octobre en termes de part de marché mondial. On the dire: October 2022 a special event for the iPhone in the world!

About Counterpoint’s report, the iPhone 14 Pro Max and the smartphone qui s’est le mieux vendu in the world, suivi de près par l’iPhone 14 Pro which takes second place.
A nice win for apple who is a big winner in class 105.68 million smartphone units sold on the totalitarian month of October 2022.

Is it a tendency to feel November and December? À voir… There are no problems with the crisis in a eu place in Foxconn, environs 6 million iPhone Pro versions were never made pour les fêtes de fin d’annee. One of the most common ways to buy in California is to increase store purchases from the Apple Store in the country.

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