En Chine, début du confinement autour d’iPhone city


The sanitary confinement of six million personnel was sold for the first time in a city in China or in the majority of the world’s iPhone use, where violent insults between salaries and police occur on the salaires.

The authorities of the local residents of the districts of Zhengzhou, the provincial capital of Henan, in the center of the country, will not be able to leave the zone for years to come.

The barricades installed by the immeubles that residents consider high risk and the movement control points in the streets.

See a small name of the case of Covid-19 and a recent review in the city of 12.6 million.

The confinement survives après the violent manifestations of centaines d’employés cette semaine, sur le site de l’usine Foxconn située in banlieue de la ville, which employs more than 200,000 employees and uses the surname “iPhone city” auto c’est la plus grosse the world of Apple phone manufacturing.

The new images of events that are part of the sale of the social networks and the geolocation known from the AFP. If you want a dirty train defiler dans une rue dans l’est de la ville, with some personnes portant des pancartes.

“Il ya tellement de gens”, peut-on entender dire un homme sur cette video. L’AFP n’a pas pu verifier quand a eu lieu cette manifestation.

– Forced quarantine –

The nombreux employees with content on leaving the US, enclosed in October in a foyer of cas de Covid, and exchanging primes of 10,000 yuan (1,340 euros).

There are new messages from Milliers and published announcements by Foxconn for the maintenance of iPhone production, posted one way or another the moment the site enters the site, indiqué on the AFP of nombreux salaries.

“Nous sommes en quarantine dans un hotel et on aucun moyen de rejoindre le site de Foxconn”, a story by an employee who remains anonymous.

If you are sure that you have been quarantined for an initial fee of 10,000 yuan, you cannot say that you are a small part of this somme.

“Ils ne nous laissent pas starter à travailler et on ne peut pas rentrer chez nous, parce que Zhengzhou est connée”, a statement from l’AFP a salarié qui devait debuter à Foxconn, mais se retrouve en quarantine dans la ville voisine de Ruzhou .

Most manifestations of Foxconn new hires, quarantined and no entry-level travailler, are the roulées in the suburbs of Henan.

– “Partagez ca!” –

Autres videos mises a ligne vendredi en geocalisées par l’AFP monrent des ouvriers en train de renverser des meubles et d’injurier des policymakers in the hall of a hotel in Nanyang, about 280 kilometers from Zhengzhou.

It seems that there are places in quarantine instead of quarantine. Dans l’une des vidéos, un homme interpelle les internautes: “A tous ceux qui sont en ligne: s’il vous plaît, partagez ça!”.

The manifestations of the colère in Zhengzhou take place in a context of popular croissants facing the strict political zero of Covid de la Chine, imposing restrictions on recurrence, restriction of movement and imposing on the population of quasi-quotidiens testing.

Vendredi, the nombre de cas en China with an atteint of 33,000, a record of the debut of the pandemic même si le chiffre reste très modest dans ce pays d’1.4 billion inhabitants et que l’immense majority of asymptomatic people.

In the industrial city of Canton, in the far south of the country, the millions of people who have given up their hometown have not tested negative.

The videos that are part of the AFP’s social rent and localizations near the residents of the city in Haizhu district, on the train of the dismantling of the barriers and the launching objects against the policy makers and the integrated protection blanks.

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